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Libraries Committee

Minutes for the Meeting of  April 19, 2006 


Joyner Library Administrative Office @ 3:00 pm


Marianna Walker presiding.


Regular members in attendance: Salman Abdulali, Susan DelVecchio, Thomas Douglass, Marianna Walker, Michael Duffy, Lillian Burke.


Ex-Officio members in attendance: Darryl Davis and Dorothy Spencer. 


Also in attendance: Wm. Joseph Thomas


1.) Minutes for Feb. 15th 2006, meeting approved.


2.) Darryl Davis reported for Joyner Library:

  • Met with Bruce Flye about a Comprehensive Facility Review of Joyner Library – to identify areas to expand, contract, and for facility upgrade.
  • Joyner Library is considering a rare book purchase of Hariot de Bry. Admiranda Narratio fida Tamen de Commodis et Incolarum Retibus Virginiae … (1590). Approx. worth is $50-60 k.  In total, the rare book collection at Joyner is valued near $60. The library continues to build a rare book collection focused on Eastern North Carolina history and culture.
  • Elizabeth Smith will retire May 1 after 38 years of service.
  • 24 hour library operations underway during Final exam period with the exceptions of Friday and Saturday nights. Additional security and staffing will be provided.
  • Byte Tennant will join the Joyner Library staff on May 16, as Assistant Director for Project Development (grants and funded projects). 
  • Interviews will begin for staff HR position during the last week of April.


2.) Walker cited the contributions of Darryl Davis as Interim Director of Joyner Library, commending his efforts and his presence in making a smooth transition to a new library administrator.


3.) Spencer reported for Laupus Libraries:

  • The collection move for Laupus is slated for May 31st to June 9th.
  • Laupus will re-open with full service on June 12th. There has been a delay because of elevator safety inspections.
  • The delay also complicates the NIIH June 1 grant deadline.
  • Electronic services will be available throughout the move.
  • The library is presently interviewing to fill three vacancies that will, in part, reactivate the liaison program with Medicine, Nursing, and Allied Health.


4.) Marianna Walker reported on the search for a new library director.

  • Position has been advertised.
  • 45 applications received.
  • Meeting with search firm is scheduled for April 20.
  • The Libraries Committee will have an opportunity to meet with candidates in May. 


5.) Walker presented the Library Budget to the Faculty Senate.

  • Library budget represents 11.4% of total Academic Affairs budget and 6% of the total college budget – comparable percentages for URL’s of similar size.
  • Joyner presently has 120 employees on staff; Laupus, 42.


6.) Davis and Spencer concurred that the major challenges for the new director of Joyner will have to do with “economies of scale,” i.e. balancing the explosion of electronic services with physical services.


7.) Banner project to join data systems in May.


8.) The Committee identified several future goals:

  • Solicit a member of the URC to be a standing member on the Libraries Committee.
  • Need a representative from Faculty Senate to attend committee meetings.
  • Also need a student representative to attend committee meetings.


Meeting adjourned at 4:10 pm.


Submitted by,



Thomas Douglass, secretary