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Libraries Committee


Date of meeting: April 16, 2003


Place and time: Rawl Annex 142, 3:30 pm


Person presiding: Ann Schreier


Regular members in attendance: Salman Abdulali, Tom Raedeke, Ann

Schreier, Marianna Walker


Ex-officio members in attendance: Deana Astle (for Carroll Varner),

Mary Ann Rose, Dorothy Spencer


1.         The minutes of the meeting of November 20, 2002 were approved

as distributed. It was noted that no business could be conducted at

the previous three meetings (January 15, 2003, February 19, 2003,

and, March 18, 2003). The minutes of the discussions at these

meetings were received by the Committee as reports.


2.         Ann Schreier distributed a draft of the annual report of the

Committee. There was discussion of items to be carried forward to the

next year. It was agreed that the Chair and Secretary would finalize

the report.


Submitted by Salman Abdulali, Secretary