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Meeting Date:  October 20, 2004


Person Presiding:  Steve Estes and Seodial Deena


Secretary:  Jane Painter


Sub-committee 2 Attendance:  Steve Estes, Seodial Deena, David Rosenthal, Jeff Popke, John Collins, John Cope, Jeff Phipps, Jane Painter  (not taken for sub-committee 1)


Absent:  Anne Dickerson


Others in Attendance:  N/A


Agenda Item 1:  Committee met to review the second round of reviewing grants.  Each sub-committee met in separate rooms.  As grants were reviewed, several items came up for future discussion in regards to clarifying criteria for grant submission.  Areas included the following:

  • Consider requesting APA be used for all grants
  • Two page limit on references
  • Use 12 font Times Roman
  • Question on reference pages whether is should be double or single spaced
  • No handwriting on any portion of the proposal including title page
  • Should we consider how many times a person is funded through this Committee?
  • Should there be a separate proposal guide for art proposals?
  • Address which grants should be scored using the numerical scale on the third round (i.e. only those 3 and above; 4 and above; all of the grants, etc.)


Action Taken: 

1.  Items will be discussed at Spring, 2005 meeting and revisions will be made according to the Committee’s consensus.


Agenda Item 2:

Discussion:  Grants were reviewed according to numerical scale.  Each sub-committee’s chair finalized feedback to be given to individual grant submitters.  It was decided that each sub-committee’s grants that have not been eliminated will be read by the other sub-committee members for scoring using the numerical scale.  Each sub-committee will be given the written comments on each submitted grant. 


Action Taken: 

1.  Sub-committee chairs will send to the sub-committee members the comments and grants that need to be reviewed by Nov. 1st.


2.  Sub-committee members are to submit their scores to their sub-committee’s chair by Nov. 1st.


3.  Sub-committee chairs will tabulate the scores and send and/or make copies for each committee member for the Nov. 10th meeting.


Next meeting will be a full meeting for finalization of grant scores.

Respectively submitted,

Jane Painter, Ed.D., OTR/L, Secretary