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Officer Presiding: Professor Taggart, Chairperson


Actions Taken:

Schreier moved to accept proposal which arrived in FS after

deadline. Motion failed for lack of a second.



It was agreed that proposals would initially be read by 1/2 the

committee members. Proposals were renumbered sequentially 1 - 57.

Committee members were rate proposals based on the numbers on

their evaluation sheets, either even or odd. The chair will read

all proposals and other committee are encouraged to do so as time

and energy permit (score only those assigned to you.


Score sheets are due in the FS office Wed, October 18 @ 8:00 AM.


The committee will meet Oct 20, Nov 3 & Nov 10 to finalize award



The committee was reminded by the Chair to evaluate process while

evaluating the proposals.


The Chair stated that he was working with CIS to institutionalize

the evaluation score programming.


Professor Postel requested that ranges be provided by the scoring



Respectfully Submitted,


Michael Felts, Secretary