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Meeting Date:  October 25, 1996


Officer Presiding:  Professor Taggart, Vice-Chairperson


Actions Taken:


Approval of Sept 13, 1996 minutes




1.    1st Round Review:  November 15

      Deliver bubble sheets to Faculty Senate office by 5

      pm, Tues., Nov. 12


2.    2nd Round Review:  Friday Nov 22 ( tentative since   

      results of 1st review will determine dates for second      

      round due dates.

      Deliver bubble sheets to Faculty Senate office by 5

      pm, Tues. Nov 19


3.    3rd Round Review:  Friday Dec 6 (if needed)


4.    Committee members were assigned odd or even

      numbered proposals for review in the first round. 

      Odd and even numbered proposals remaining after

      the first round elimination would then be reviewed by

      persons not reading them during first round review.


      Odd #'s =  Rigsby, Arnett, Riser, Postel, Hutchinson,

      Griffin, Felts, Stanforth, Ravi

      Even #'s = Taggart, Bowman, Cranford, Means,

      Tawake, Stellwag, Joyner, McPherson, Stanforth


5.    Final recommendations for funding are due to the

      Vice Chancellor by early December


6.    Professor Taggart reviewed with the committee:

      a.    Reader ID and Proposal Coding System

      b.    Code system for Type of proposal being


      c.    Evaluation rating system



Agenda for Next Meeting:


1.    Results of 1st round proposal reviews

2.    Procedures for 2nd round proposal reviews

3.    Due dates for 2nd round proposal reviews


Next Meeting:     Friday, Nov 15, 1996; 1 pm



Respectfully Submitted:

Rose T. Postel, Secretary