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COMMITTEE:      Research/Creative Activity Grants


MEETING DATE:   10/16/97


PERSON PRESIDING:       Catherine Rigsby




Description of action:

Dr. Feldbush address the meeting concerning his position

on the distribution of research moneys.  He gave his support

to the committee and said that he expected the committee to

fund only high quality proposals.


Description of action:

Rigsby distributed the results of the first round of numerical

evaluations to the committee.  Scores ranged from 1.88 (out

of 5.00) to 4.78.  The committee the broke up into its two

subcommittees to review those results.  Each subcommittee

used the numerical evaluations to prepare a ranked list of

the proposals it had reviewed.


Description of action:

The entire committee came together to discuss the two

ranked lists.  After much discussion, it was agreed that all

proposals with scores of 4.00 and higher would be

recommended for funding, all proposals with scores of 2.25

or higher would go forward for the second round of

numerical evaluations, and proposals with scores lower than

2.25 would not be recommended for funding.  As a result of

this decision, 12 proposals were recommended for funding

and 13 were retained for second round review.


Description of action:

Rigsby asked all committee members to turn in their round 2

numerical evaluations to the faculty senate by Monday,

November 11, 1997.