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COMMITTEE:  Research and Creative Activity Grants


MEETING DATE:     October 10, 1998






Description of action:

The subcommittees met to review and discuss the ratings

and rankings of proposals assigned to their subcommittee. 

Individuals that rated a proposal either much higher or lower

than the other members had to opportunity to support or

give rationale for their scores.  After general discussion

each group made a decision on which proposals should go

forth for review by all members of the committee.


The subcommittees then met together to share their results. 

The proposals that fell within each subcommittee's rankings

and selected proposals were included in the next round of

review.  The selected proposals were those that the

subcommittees still had questions about after re-reading and



C. Rigsby reviewed the proposals that would be read by the

whole committee.


Members were reminded that the evaluations from the

Second Round of Review are due to Faculty Senate by

November 4th at 5pm.  The next meeting is Wednesday,

November 11, 1998.


The meeting was adjourned.