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Research and Creative Activity Grants Committee




Meeting of November 13, 2001


The meeting began at 6pm with Dr. Bob Edwards, vice chair, calling the meeting to order.  Dr. Randall, chair, was not able to attend the meeting. 


The main points of business of this meeting were 1) to review the preliminary results of the work of the subcommittees that evaluated and scored the applications for the Research and Creative Activity Summer Stipend & Expense grants; 2) to make corrections where necessary; and 3) to finalize the results for submission to Vice Chancellor Feldbush for possible funding.  The Subcommittees had each met twice in closed session to review applications.


After review of the results, three transcription errors were noted and corrected.   It was moved and seconded to send a list of 37 applications with scores greater than 3.0 to the Vice Chancellor for funding in priority score order. 


The second item of business was planning for the Spring meeting of the Committee.  Today’s meeting will be the last meeting of the Committee until then.  The Spring meeting is the policy and procedures meeting where policies and procedures for the following year’s competition are determined.  Dr. Edwards asked for additional agenda items for the meeting.  Several Committee members suggested that the question of whether a grant competition should even be held in 2002-03 academic be discussed due to the continuing budget problems of the State. These members were concerned about having a competition if there were no monies available to fund the grants.   It was moved, seconded and approved by the Committee to direct the Chair and Vice Chair to investigate the potential funding situation for the next academic year and to report back to the Committee at the Spring meeting.  The Spring meeting will be scheduled late in the semester to get as accurate a reading as possible of the budget situation.  Dr. Edwards asked committee members to email to him or the chair any other agenda items that members may wish to discuss at the Spring meeting.


The final item of business was a motion of the chair concerning grant proposal #38 from Dr. Ciesielski about the appropriateness of submitting this type of proposal to this Committee.  After discussion, the following revised motion was proposed, seconded and unanimously approved:


Proposal #38 from Dr. Ciesielski requests funding to present the research of others, not the applicant's research.  The Research and Creative Activity only funds meritorious proposals of the applicant's own research or creative activity.  It was the unanimous opinion of the Committee members that this proposal [#38] is inappropriate for this committee.