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Meeting Date:  November 12, 2003


Persons Presiding:  Steve Estes Seodial Deena


Secretary:  Jane Painter


Regular Members in Attendance:  Jon Reed, Marieke Van Willigen, Claris Hamilh, Alan Schreier, Anne Dickerson, John Collins Frank Yang, Holly Hapke, Jay Stapleton, Mark Sprague, Mark Jones, Francisco Souto, Paul Gares, Jane Painter


Others in Attendance:  N/A


Agenda Item:  Discuss scores and ranking of research grants from both sub-committees.



1.  It was decided that no decision could be made during meeting time in regards to the scores and ranking of the accepted research grants.


Action Taken: 

1.  Steve Estes and Seodial Deena, chairs of each sub-committee, will meet and merge each sub-committee’s research grant scores to establish the ranking of all approved grants.


2.  Scores from each committee member and the rankings will be e-mailed to all committee and ex-officio members.


3.  Each committee member should check their scores to be sure all scores have been entered correctly and then report back to their respective sub-committee chair.


4.  Once all scores have been reviewed, a final ranking of all approved grants will be developed and re-submitted to all committee members.


5.  If there is a tie among the grant’s rankings, then the grant with the most five’s, most 4’s, etc. would be selected first.



1.  Procedures for next year’s committee work needs to be discussed and confirmed early nest semester including: 

a.  Each sub-committee needs to be consistent in regards to what is and is not accepted in regards to the formatting criteria, and other regulations for grant submission.

b.  Procedures as to what is to be done at each meeting.


Action Taken:

1.  Recommend to meet early next spring semester.