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Meeting Date:  November 15, 1996


Officer Presiding:  Professor Stanforth, Chairperson


Actions Taken:


--Approval of October 25, 1996 minutes




1.    Motion made by Felts to debate proposals on a case

to case basis.

            Second: Rigsby

            Motion Passed


2.    Motion made by Felts:  2nd Round Review for all

proposals (odd and even) at or above 2.59. Also include

proposals 22 and 26 plus any others the committee wants to


            Second: Taggart

            Motion Passed


3.    Motion made by Felts:  Second Pass Review to be

scheduled for December 6, 1996.

            Second: Taggart

            Motion Passed


4.    For second round bubble sheets use second

column on side one (start with #11)


5.    After the final review process is finished (in late

December), proposals and review letters can be destroyed. 

Please return the yellow rater sheets to the Faculty Senate

office after the review process is finished and final rankings

have been submitted to the Vice Chancellor for funding.


6.    Second round review bubble sheets due in Faculty

Senate office on Tuesday, December 3.


--Agenda for Next Meeting:


1.    Second round review

2.    Determination if third round needed

3.    Other


--Next Meeting:   Friday, December 6, 1996; 1 p.m.



Respectfully Submitted:


Rose T. Postel, Secretary