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COMMITTEE:      Research/Creative Activity Grants


MEETING DATE:   11/13/97


PERSON PRESIDING:       Catherine Rigsby




Description of action:

Rigsby distributed the results of the round 2 numerical

evaluations.  Scores ranged from 2.80 to 3.73.  A discussion

of the funding guidelines ensued.


Description of action:

The committee began its deliberations by discussing and

voting on the lowest ranked proposals individually.  It  then

voted to recommend for funding any proposal with a score of

3.25 or higher.  In total, 10 additional proposals were

recommended for funding. Rigsby indicated that she would

forward the committee's recommendations to Feldbush

before the semester break.


Description of action:

Rigsby asked all committee members to return their yellow

review sheets to the faculty senate office as soon as

possible.  She then reviewed possible procedural changes

that the committee may deliberate on in the Spring and

asked that committee members come to the January

meeting prepared to consider  these suggestions.