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Meeting Date: January 31, 1997


Officer Presiding: Professor Stanforth, Chairperson


Motion was made and passed to accept the minutes of

December 6.


Committee Chairperson Stanforth initiated discussion of a

variety of points regarding revisions of application and

evaluation procedures.


These topics included: clarity of written instructions in

various ways; characters per inch stipulations; acceptance

of graphic information; clarify only tenure track or clinical

faculty may apply; the need for the applicants proposals to

have an intramural clarity for a committee comprised of

interdisciplinary specialists; consideration of the use of the

term 'grant' rather than distinguishing 'research' versus

creative' activity on line 7 of the application, and in turn the

elimination of differentiated percentage weights; a simpler

voting procedure; the special need for verbal discussion of

questionable intermediately ranked proposals having widely

disparate votes; the fact that the increased committee size

facilitates greater input during evaluations; reevaluation of

the calendar for submission time-line; efficiency of

notifications of acceptance; note there is a $7500 cap on

grants; need to have evaluation bubble sheets available for

review by non-recipients.


A sub-committee was formed to address specific

alternatives to present procedures.


Respectfully submitted,


Leland Wallin

Substitute Secretary