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Meeting Date:  March 10, 2004


Person Presiding:  Steve Estes


Secretary:  Jane Painter


Regular Members in Attendance:  , John Collins, Seodial Deena, Anne Dickerson, Steve Estes, Jane Painter, Al Scheer, Francisco Souto, Mark Sprague, Marieke Van Willigen,


Absent:  Carol Brown, Paul Gares, Elias Katsoulis, Leslie Omonruyi, Jonathan Reed, Joy Stapleton, Yu Yu Yang


Others in Attendance:  N/A


Agenda Item 1:  Committee met to review and finalize Research/Creative Activity Grants Committee Checklist and Guidelines for the 2005 – 2006 academic year.


Agenda Item 1:

Discussion:  Based on Oct. 1, 2003 Research/Creative Grants Committee’s minutes and current discussion it was decided that the checklist and guidelines needed to be re-arranged and have consistency between each document.


Action Taken:

a.  Steve Estes and Anne Dickerson will revise both the checklist and guidelines based on the committee’s discussion and approved changes.

b.  Revised document will be reviewed by all committee members prior to it being finalized and submitted to faculty senate.


Agenda Item 2:

Discussion:  Tentative dates were suggested for 2004, Fall meetings as well as task of committee for each meeting were discussed.


Action Taken

a.  Committee meeting’s agendas will be also sent to committee members to review before it is finalized. 

b.  Exact dates for meetings 2 and 3 will be finalized at the first meeting in the Fall of 2004. 

c.  Research proposals should be picked up at the faculty senate office on 9/17/04.


Agenda Item 3:

Discussion:  3.  The committee discussed and unanimously affirmed the 16.7% stipend for summer research vs. 15.2%  currently provided. 


Action Taken:

a.  A letter should be written to Andrea Harrell, Diana Lowe, John Lehman, Rick Niswander, and Jim Smith regarding the committee recommendations and signed by the co-chairs of the Research/Creative Grant’s committee and Faculty Senate Chair.