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Actions of Meeting


Description of Action:

The stipend cap was debated.  A motion was made and

passed to canvas the committee for their positions on the

stipend cap (a) maintaining the current maximum cap of the

grant versus (b) setting the maximum cap of the grant based

on the summer teaching cap.  The option that receives a

majority vote will be used to empower the committee chair to

make changes to the cap for next year's grants.


Description of Action:

Meeting times were debated.  Suggestions were made to

poll current members on possible dates for the upcoming

academic year and set dates.  Catherine will send a memo

to members for input on when to meet next academic year.


Description of Action:

The Research/Creative Activities Grant Committee

Guidelines for Research Grants Awarded in 1999-2000 were

reviewed based on changes made from the last meeting of

the committee (1/29/98). Catherine Rigsby and Dawn Clark

described the proposed Summary Evaluation Sheet and the

process to be followed.  A discussion ensued.  The

committee voted to accept the forms as presented.  The

committee voted to accept those changes.


Description of Action:

Catherine asked the committee for permission to meet with

CIS staff to create an on-line form to provide applicants with

the option of submitting grant applications via on-line. 

Discussion ensued regarding budget problems for the

faculty senate to reproduce the documents for those

members that don't have adequate computer support.  A

question was raised regarding how we would acquire the

Chair's signature electronically. It was generally felt that on-

line proposal will happen eventually, but that there are many

problems that will have to be addressed before they will

work.  Some of the problems identified include: 

confidentiality (password protection?); Who pays for printing

if reviewers don't have access to the Internet? Will we need

to acknowledge receipt of proposals? Will there be some

leniency in case of "technical difficulties"?  Rigsby agreed to

investigate and, if online proposals seem possible, to

convene a subcommittee to put together a proposal.


Description of Action:

Dates for two Information Sessions - for potential applicants

- were set as follows:  Wednesday April 8, 12 noon to 1 p.m.

and Thursday April 9, 4-5 p.m.  Rigsby, Stelweg, and

Stanforth will conduct the Wednesday meeting.  Rigsby,

Means, and Crane will conduct the Thursday meeting.  All

members are welcome to attend and contribute.  Notices of

the meeting will go out to all faculty as soon as the salary-

issue is resolved.