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Committee:               Research/Creative Activity Grants


Meeting date:            7 April 1995


Person Presiding:        Mark Taggart


Actions of Meeting:

The minutes of the March 24 1995 meeting were approved.


Michael Felts of the application revision subcommittee made a

report and submitted the latest revised grant application forms.

Minor, editorial adjustments of the revised forms were made. The

forms were then approved by the committee.


A discussion regarding the announcements of the changes to the

forms then ensued. Pending approval of the revised forms by the

Faculty Senate on April 25, the committee agreed to send a

memorandum to all faculty announcing the availability of the new

forms. The committee also requested that an announcement

regarding the revised forms be made to the faculty at the opening

convocation in August, 1995. Notifying the deans and directors of

the changes was also discussed.


The committee then adjourned for the 1994-95 year.


Respectfully submitted:


Mark Taggart, acting Secretary