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Meeting Date:  April 4, 1997


Officer Presiding:  Professor Stanforth, Chairperson


Actions Taken:


1.    Motion (McPherson):  Under completing the form

                        Eliminate 5e #2

      Second (Taggart); Motion carried


2.    Motion (Postel):  Strike 10D under application for a

                  1998/1999 Research/Creative

                  Activity Grant.

      Second (McPherson); Motion carried


3.    Suggestions made by committee:

      a.    Chair should instruct committee members that

            royalties or other income from projects not be a

            consideration during reviews.


      b.    During information sessions or whenever

            possible, it should be highly recommended to

            authors that they read thoroughly the

            Evaluator Sheet before writing proposals.


      c.    Descriptive notes should be taken during

            Evaluator discussions to be passed on to

            proposal writers.


      4.    Information Sessions Dates:


            a.    April 24, 1997;  3 pm

            b.    April 25, 1997;  3 pm


      5.    Meeting adjourned.



Submitted by:


Rose T. Postel