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COMMITTEE:  Research/Creative Activities Grants


MEETING DATE:  August 31, 2000, 1:00 p.m.






Randall Parker from the Department of Economics and Bob

Edwards from the Department of Sociology will serve as

committee co-chairs.


Bonnie Mani from the Department of Political Science will

serve as committee secretary.


Randall Parker will divide the 22 members of the committee

into two sub-committees.


Randall Parker will send e-mail to all committee members. 

He will:

-Request information about class schedules for Fall

Semester 2000.

-Schedule meetings for the remainder of the semester.

-Plan meetings during evening hours.


Randall Parker:

Summarized the process and criteria for awarding grants.


Requested assistance when all grants are submitted on

September 15, 2000.  Jim Chandler agreed to help him. 

They will sort the grants for the sub-committees.


Agreed to send committee members a copy of the written

summary of the committee's process and schedule. 

Catherine Rigsby agreed to send him the summaries from

last semester.


Explained reasons for eliminating some proposals from



Explained that reference letters are optional.


Emphasized the need for recorders for sub-committee

discussions of  grants to promptly submit summaries so that

they can be forwarded to those who requested grants.


Stated that last year the Dean of the College of Arts and

Sciences supplemented funding from the Vice Chancellor for

Academic Affairs.  Proposals from faculty members in the

College were funded if the committee assigned a score of 3

or greater.


Generally, $250,000 is available from the Vice Chancellor for

Academic Affairs to fund grants submitted to this committee. 

This year, the cap for each grant is $8,000 for the stipend,

plus benefits, plus up to $10,000 for project expenses. 

Decisions to fund are based on the committee's ranking of

each proposal's quality.  The Vice Chancellor for Academic

Affairs awards grants based on the committee's

recommendations, beginning with the one that received the

highest ranking and ending with the one that depletes his



Respectfully submitted by Bonnie G. Mani