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Research and Creative Activities Grants Committee

Minutes for August 29, 2002


Meeting was convened by Bob Morrison, Chair of the Faculty, at 1:00 PM.


Regular members present: Randy Parker, Bonnie Mani, Putnam Madhok, Tom McConnell, Randy Daniel, Yu (Frank) Yang, Seodial Deena, John Collins, Jane Painter, Carol Brown, Steve Estes


Ex Officio members present: Michael Poteat, Holly Hapke, Anne Dickerson, Alan Schreier, Paul Gares, Festus Eribo


Also present: Tom Feldbush


Old Business:none


New Business:


Bonnie Mani suggested adding a member from Mathematics to help with review of proposals from the Math department. Randy Parker suggested Elias Katsoulis, since that individual has previously been awarded with an RCAG.


Discussion ensued concerning the need to keep deliberations confidential. This was uniformly agreed to. A point of clarification was that individuals on the committee were free to help fellow departmental members with the construction of their proposals, particularly in the form of helpful hints. Also, members of this committee are free to submit proposals of their own.


Randy Parker initiated a motion to make the applications, and thus the awards, provide for an identical amount of salary funding as full-time one semester summer teaching, whatever the teaching rate might be (since the teaching pay rate has often changed year to year). The reason was to ensure that the University recognizes that research time is no less important to ECU than teaching time. The motion was seconded and passed. This change is to begin with the next round of awards, and therefore it was also noted that an announcement should be released to notify faculty of this change.


A motion was made to state plainly on the application that RCAG funds, including salary, should be expended or encumbered by the end of the 2003 fiscal year. Otherwise funds may not be available in the following year. This is due to budget restrictions that make carryover funds into the next fiscal year much more difficult then they are already. The motion was seconded and passed.


The topic of assisting, somehow, non-tenured, tenure-track faculty in their RCAG success rate was discussed, as brought up by Tom Feldbush at the beginning of the meeting. The intent is to help these less experienced grant writers get funding at the most critical time of their faculty careers. Steve Estes volunteered to gather data on the success rate of this category of individuals before any decisions/motions were made. This information is to be disseminated before Sep. 16. An “email meeting” was proposed to discuss the information. This “virtual meeting” is to be held before the first proposal review meeting. The next regular meeting for proposal review is to be October 2, 2002. The other two fall semester meetings are Oct. 23 and Nov. 13.



The meeting was adjourned at 2:15 PM


Minutes recorded by,


Tom McConnell