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Meeting Date:  August 30, 1996


Officer Presiding:  Professor Stanforth, Chairperson


Actions Taken:


--Election of Officers:

      Chair:  Melvin Stanforth

      Vice Chair:  Mark Taggart

      Secretary:  Rose Postel


--Old Business:

Discussions included reviews of changes from the prior

academic year.  Committee members were reminded that the names of 3

willing ad hoc reviewers will be submitted by each proposal

writer with 1 chosen by the committee for the review

process.  A suggestion was made by Postel that future

business include clarification in the packet of information as

to whether 1, 2, or all three ad hoc reviewers would be used

in the review process.


A reminder was given that the due date for proposals is

Monday, October 7, 5 p.m.


In early October, 6 new members will be added to the

committee.  Professor Felts suggested an

orientation(training) for the new members to facilitate

committee meeting processes.  Professor Schreier recommended

that examples of past successful applications (or failing applications)

be used as teaching tools for the new committee members.


--New Business:


Immediate Goals for 1996-97: 

1.    Committee members listen to colleagues for points in

      the application packets that need clarification.     

2.    Seek clarification in funding letters as to how and

      when to spend monies allocated to projects; specific dates

      by which money has to be spent; give department

      secretaries access to accounts information on monies

      available to avoid loss of funds.  Suggestion given that the

      Chair of the committee consult with Vice Chancellor

      Feldbush about control and distribution of grants monies

      and report to committee.



--Agenda for Next Meeting:


1.    Process of contacting ad hoc reviewers

2.    Subdivision of responsibilities for proposal reviews

3.    Orientation(training) of new committee members

4.    Plan for information session procedures

5.    Clarification of availability of funds to Allied

      Health, Business, Nursing in relation to prior year



Next Meeting:

Friday, September 6, 1996; 1 p.m. in Rawl, room #105.


1st Friday of each month chosen as regular meeting date

with additional meetings as needed



Respectfully Submitted:


Rose T. Postel, Secretary