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COMMITTEE:  Research/Creative Activity Grants


MEETING DATE:     8/29/97





Description of action:

Don Sexauer, Faculty Chair, opened the meeting by

providing an overview of his model for placing

research/creative activity grants proposal forms on the

web.  He then turned the floor over to Tom Feldbush, Vice

Chancellor for Research.  Dr. Feldbush provided an

overview of last year's funding levels, this year's

expectations of $250,000, and procedures followed by his

office in allocating funds once recommendations are

finalized by the Committee.  He noted that adjustments are

not made to the proposed budgets sent forward by the



Description of action:

The committee elected officers for the 1997-1998

academic year.  The committee officers elected are:

Chair:      Catherine Rigsby

Vice Chair:Mark Taggart

Secretary:  Brenda Killingsworth


Description of action:

Mark Taggart requested a thumbnail sketch of new

procedures.  Catherine Rigsby asked Mel Stanforth for a

synopsis.  A discussion ensured regarding current

procedures used to set salary limits.  Vice Chancellor

Feldbush stated that it was in the purview of the

Committee to set stipend research/creative activity limits.


Completion date/Follow-up action required:

The discussion on salary limits was postponed to Spring,

when the committee usually reevaluates procedures to

guide the next year's submissions and evaluations.


Description of action:

Materials describing the evaluation procedures used by the

committee will be distributed prior to the next meeting.


Assigned additional duties to:

Melvin Stanford will provide the above materials to Lori Lee

for distribution to the committee members.


Completion date/Follow-up action required:

Catherine Rigsby requested the committee members review

those materials before attending the next meeting.



NEXT MEETING:     September 11, 1997 at 5:00 p.m. in

Rawl Annex 142.



1. Adopt a schedule for review and ranking of proposals.

2. Determine the membership of the two subcommittees

    that are to be formed to review and rank half of the

   proposals submitted as a function of the first round of

   review of proposals.

3. Determine how each proposal will be assigned for

    review by the subcommittees.

4. Determine the process by which facilitators will be

   selected and assigned proposals.