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COMMITTEE:  Research and Creative Activity Grants


MEETING DATE:     August 28, 1998


PERSON PRESIDING:Brenda Killingsworth

                  Catherine Rigsby

Actions of Meeting:


Description of action: 

Opening remarks were made by B. Killingsworth, Dr.

Ringeisen and Dr. Feldbush. 


Committee members introduced themselves and their

respective departments.


Election of Committee Officers: 

Catherine Rigsby was nominated for Chair by J. Bowman. 

Dr. Rigsby agreed to serve.  The vote was unanimous.


Dawn Clark was elected vice chair.


Josie Bowman volunteered and was elected secretary.


Description of Action:

Meeting time and date:  The problem with attendance was

discussed.  Difficulty exist in determining or agreement on a

time that is best for the majority to meet. 


Assigned Additional Duties:

C. Rigsby will send out a form to committee members to

determine the best meeting time this semester.


Description of Action: 

Proposals are due September 15, 1998.  Dr. Feldbush

suggested that a reminder of the deadline be sent to Deans

and Department Heads.


Assigned Additional Duties: 

L. Lee will send this information out over e-mail.


Description of Action:

On line grant proposal:  C. Rigsby has a  copy of the

proposal from the teaching grants committee who are trial

testing on line grant submission.  Discussion and

implementation of a plan was tabled till the next meeting.


Description of Action:

L. Means discussed doing away with the salary cap for

proposals.  General discussion occurred.  According to Dr.

Feldbush two-third of the faculty who received funding would

have been over the  $6000 limit from last year.


Motion made by L. Means that the cap be removed and the

limit be $7500.  D. Clark seconded the motion.  Due to a

lack of quorum the motion was tabled till the next meeting.  

NOTE:  The issue related to salary cap was voted on with a

quorum in the spring with a resulting vote of  7 to 7.


Next meeting:  To be scheduled pending response of

members to times available.