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Research/Creative Activity Grants Committee


Minutes of the September 8, 2005, Meeting


Members in attendance: Van Willigen, Reed, Jones, Phipps, Katsoulis, Deena, Orr, Wong, Abdel-Salem, Schmidt, Rosenthal, Justiniano, Alston, Schreier, and Allen


Others present: Anderson and Lee


I. The first meeting of the Research Creative Activity Grants Committee (RCAG) for the 2005-06 academic year was held on September 8 in the Faculty Senate conference room, Rawl Annex.


Patricia Anderson, ECU Faculty Parliamentarian, called the meeting to order.


II. The first order of business was election of Committee officers. Two members were placed in nomination, Seodial Deena (English) and Paul Gares (Geography). Professor Deena was elected chair.


Paul Gares (Geography) was elected vice-chair.


Mark Jones (Criminal Justice) was elected secretary.


III. Old Business (from 2004-05)


Alan Schreier (Office of Sponsored Programs) agreed to request refreshments for evaluation meetings from the Vice Chancellor's office.


Discussion was held on the subject of whether grant applicants should be allowed to receive funding from the RCAG if they also were receiving funding from another source. Professor Schreier and Professor Deena are going to request that Paul Gemperline (Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies),Deirdre Mageean (Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies) address the committee at the next meeting to discuss this and other issues.  The discussion was table until the next full meeting of the RCAG committee.


General discussion was held on the overall purpose and mission of the RCAG. No action was taken.


The method used to evaluate proposals, more specifically, whether the committee should continue its traditional practice of dividing the proposals into two broad groups (quantitative and qualitative) with subgroups presenting evaluation results to the full group, and the full committee reviewing the highly rated proposals, or whether the entire RCAG should review each proposal as a group. A third proposal called for the RCAG to be divided into four subgroups: (A) health-related proposals, (B) natural science proposals, (C) social science proposals, (D) humanities and fine arts proposals.


After discussion, the third proposal was adopted.


Discussion was held on meeting times for the remainder of the semester. No action was taken. The chair will notify committee members of future meeting times and dates.


The Chair, Professor Seodial Deena was asked to invite Steve Estes, Past Chair of the Committee, to the next meeting.


Respectfully submitted,


Mark Jones