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Meeting of September 11, 2001


This meeting was the first (organizational) meeting for the Committee for the 2001-2002 academic year.  A quorum was present.  The Chair of the Faculty Senate, Dr. Robert Morrison, opened the meeting, had attendees introduce themselves, discussed the committee’s charge, and took nominations for the chair of the committee for the year.  Dr. Randall Parker, last year’s chair, was re-nominated and unanimously re-elected.  Also elected was Dr. Bob Edwards as co-chair and Dr. Alan Schreier as secretary.


The following issues were then discussed:

  1. Stipend Limits:  A motion was made and passed to raise the limit of summer stipend for research grants to equal the same limit as the summer teaching salary (currently $9000) or 15.2% of the faculty member’s academic year salary whichever is less.  This new limit applies to awards made this year.  Vice Chancellor Feldbush advised the Committee that he will abide with their policy on this matter.

  1. Review of Grant Proposals:  The mechanism of grant proposal review was discussed and it was decided to maintain the same two subcommittee structure as last year.  It was also decided that evening meetings may be needed to complete the review of the proposals and award priority scores.  Also the issue of the use of resource individuals by the committee was discussed and decided that such individuals would only be used as a last resort.  Faculty are explicitly told in the instructions for the faculty grant proposals that they are to be written for a mixed, multidisciplinary committee.

  1. Issues for the Spring:   It was suggested that the possibility of using an electronic proposal submission process in the future be discussed.

The meeting concluded with Dr. Parker requesting that all committee members pick up their stacks of proposals after 3:30p on Sept. 18, 2001.   The next meeting of the committee will be in 2-3 weeks. Dr. Parker will establish a date, place, and time.