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Research/Creative Activity Grants Committee

September 3, 2003 Minutes


Present:  Carol Brown, John Collins, Seodial Deena, Steve Estes, Rick Niswander, Jane Painter, Jonathan Reed, Mark Sprague, Joy Stapleton, Marieke Van Willigen, Yu Yu Yang, Alan Schreier.


Absent:  Paul Gares, Elias Katsoulis, Leslie Omonruyi, Francisco Souto


Secretary:  Jane Painter


1.  Officers elected:  Co-Chairs:  Seodial Deena and Steve Estes

Vice Chair:  none

Secretary:  Jane Painter


2.  Sub-committees will be chaired by each of the co-chairs


Seodial Deena:  qualitative

Steve Estes:  quantitative

John Collins

Yu Yang

Carol Brown

Elias Katsoulis

Paul Gares

Jane Painter

Leslie Omoruyi

Mark Sprague

Mark Jones

Marieke Van Willigen

Franciscoi Souto

Jonathan Reed

Clovia Hamilton*

Holly Hapke*

Anne Dickerson*

Alan Schreier*

Joy Stapleton*




*ex-officio members with vote


3.  Steve and Seodial will update and then email all committee members the Committee’s Calendar and Procedures.


4.  Meeting dates for this semester include:  October 1 (mandatory), October 22, and November 12th from 4-7 in the Rawl Building.


5.  Proposals are due on September 15th and will be available approximately September 17th.  If you want the proposals to be mailed to your office, please contact Lori Lee in the Faculty Senate office.