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Meeting Date:  September 1, 2004


Persons Presiding:  Catherine Rigsby (Chair, Faculty Senate) and Steve Estes


Secretary:  Jane Painter


Regular Members in Attendance:  John Collins, Steve Estes, Mark Jones, Elias Katsoulis, Leslie Omoruyi, Jane Painter, Mark Sprague


Ex-Officio Members in Attendance:  William (Toby) Allen, Reide Corbet, Anne Dickerson, Jeff Popke, David Rosenthal, Al Schreier


Others in Attendance:  Vice-Chancellor John Lehman, Rita Reeves (for Jim Smith),  and Lori Lee


Agenda Item 1:  Officers for 2004-2005 selected


Action Taken:  Steve Estes will serve as the administrator of the Committee and sub-committees will be chaired by:  Seodial Deena for qualitative and Paul Gares for quantitative research submissions.  Jane Painter will be secretary.


Agenda Item 2:  Selection for each sub-committee was determined.


Action Taken:


Seodial Deena:  Qualitative

Paul Gares:  Quantitative

John Collins

Elias Katsoulis

Jane Painter

Mark Sprague

Carol Brown

Marieke Van Willgen

Steve Estes

Leslie Omoruyi

Mark Jones

Jonathan Reed

Francisco Souto

Anthony Overton

David Rosenthal*

Alan Schreier*

Jeff Popke*

Reide Corbett*

Anne Dickerson*

William Allen*

* = Ex-Officio members (with vote)


Agenda Item 3:  Old business relating to funds granted must be spent by the end of the fiscal year, June 30, 2005.  Detrimental to researchers and their financial needs.



1.  In the past, there had been some type of mechanism that by-passed this fiscal restriction and apparently is no longer being offered.


2.  Various Schools and/or Departmental administrators may or may not be able to shift the funds granted to other lines so the money does not have to be spent by the end of the fiscal year.


Action Taken:

The Vice –Chancellor will investigate this situation and will report back to the Committee.


Agenda Item 4:  Committee’s Schedule



1.  Steve and Mark briefly summarized for new members the process of reviewing the research proposals. 


2.  It was decided that the Committee will meet on Wednesdays at 4:00 p.m. in the Rawl Building.


3.  Steve will email all Committee members the meeting dates, keeping in mind that the first meeting will most likely be the longest.


4.  The VC Research’s office will provide refreshments at all meetings.  (Since our meeting the Committee received the following message from Dr. Lehman:  "Dr. John Lehman will provide the same level of support that was provided last year for the Faculty Senate Research and Creative Activities Committee.  $475.00 will be encumbered out of the VC's discretionary account.")