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Meeting Date:  September 13, 1996


Officer Presiding:  Professor Taggart, Vice-Chairperson


Actions Taken:


--Approval of August 30, 1996 minutes




1.  Information Session:  (For applicants for summer

stipends and/or grant proposals)         


a.  Scheduled for September 20, 1996 (place to be



b.  Notices to be distributed campus wide


c.  Information to include review of application packets


d.  Mark Taggart and Michael Felts to convene and conduct



2.  Memorandum from Vice Chancellor for Research and

Graduate Studies to Chair and Vice-Chair of

Research/Creative Activity Grants Committee


a.  Vice-Chancellor Feldbush supports funding from

Research/Creative Activity Grants Committee for

Nursing and Allied Health, but leaves decision to committee



b.  Motion made to include Nursing and Allied Health

(Professor Felts)  Second to Motion (Professor Cranford)

Motion Passed


c.  Committee Chairperson is to request further clarification

regarding possible funding from the medical school for

medically related areas.


3.  September 19, 1996 was noted as date for the

Committee on Committees to select 6 new

Research/Creative Activity Grants Committee members.

Vice-Chair Taggart tabled items 1, and 2 from the agenda

until new members are in attendance.


4.  Discussion of "How to Contact Ad Hoc Reviewers":


a.  Lori Lee, Faculty Senate office administrator, is to

systematically send letters to ad hoc reviewers. 

Reviews are to be returned before distribution of proposals

for first pass review.


b.  Ad hoc review letters due no later than October 24, 1996.


c.  Ad hoc reviewers will be given written directions as

follows:  "If you are unable to comply with this

requested time frame, respond to Lori Lee within 24 hours,

since a second reviewer needs to be contacted."


d.  Committee Chairperson is to seek information as to when

ranked proposals are due to Vice-Chancellor Feldbush in

relation to summer stipends and schedules for summer

school assignments.


e. Ad hoc reviewers will be instructed that reviews will be

part of the record without name of reviewer and

will be available to applicant.


--Other Business:


Professor Schreier asked for the establishment of a sub-

committee of the Research/Creative Activity Grants

Committee to review proposals from applicants for the

National Endowment for the Humanities Program.


Sub-Committee:    Melvin Stanforth, Mark Taggart,

Sandra Tawake, Leland Wallin


--Agenda for Next Meeting:


1.  Subdivision of responsibilities for proposal reviews


2.  Orientation (training) of new and returning committee



3.  Distribution of proposals for first round reviews


--Next Meeting:   Friday, October 25, 1996; 1 pm


Respectfully Submitted:

Rose T. Postel, Secretary