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COMMITTEE:  Research and Creative Activity Grants


MEETING DATE:           September 16, 1998


PERSON PRESIDING:       Catherine Rigsby




Description of action:

Approval of minutes from August 28, 1998:  Minutes approved.


Report by Chair:  Catherine Rigsby:  Brief review of the agenda,

the review process and Fall 1998 calendar for Evaluation of

Proposals.  The review process will include a summary of  the

proposal's (copy with application) strengths and areas of concern. 

Review of the proposals should be in a constructive manner. 

Proposals will be divided among subcommittees members. 

Subcommittee assignment sheets were distributed along with a list

of proposals submitted.  The amount of funds available for

dispersion from last year was $250,000, the amount for this year is

not currently available.  In the past there was a problem with

receiving quality proposals.  The calendar for evaluation of

proposals contains specific dates and tasks that should be



Description of Action: 

Subcommittee membership:  Members were assigned to a

subcommittee by C. Rigsby.  The sheet was reviewed by the

committee member. A correction in the table entitled by name,

Ehlbeck was corrected to be on subcommittee I and not

subcommittee II.  The rooster of assignment was approved by the



Description of action:

Review of evaluation procedures:  The reviewers should be

prepared to discuss the proposals.  A five point evaluation scale is

included in the proposal application packet.  Reminder that the total

review process is confidential.  If a committee member's proposal is

up for review, that member should excuse themselves from the



Description of action:

The role of the recorders for subcommittee proposals was



Assigned additional duties to:

C. Rigsby will assign proposals for review to the committee



Description of action:


Salary cap of $6000.  C. Rigsby presented the history of the

changes made related to the cap.  In March 1995, the cap number

was removed from the application.  In March 1997, the committee

proposed renaming the title of proposal, made the proposal

available for 1st and 2nd summer session and 15.2% of salary up to

$6000.  The changes were approved by the Research and Creative

Activity Committee, but did not go to the  Faculty Senate.  General

discussion occurred related to the cap and reasons for keeping or

removing the cap.


A motion was made to remove the $6000 salary cap and make

research and teaching equal in amount of salary.  This motion

received a unanimous vote.


A motion was made to adhere to what was advertised related to

salary this year.  The motion was supported by all present, except 2



Follow-up Action:


C. Rigsby announced that the feedback letter which will  be sent to

applicants and the procedures followed by the committee should go

to Faculty Senate for approval.


The current plan includes:  The committee will review proposals

and give ranking. The  recommendations from the committee will

be sent to Dr. Feldbush, who will make the decision about funding.