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2001-2002 Academic Year


Student Academic Appellate Committee

1.        Membership (include ex-officio members).

Pat Dunn                               Janice Neil

T om Durham                        Doug Schneider

Frances Eason                     Matthew Wiberg (replaced Heather Lewis)

Amy Frank                            Jonathan Wacker

Elizabeth Layman                George Williams

Janice Lewis                        Linda Wolfe

2.        Meeting Dates (include members present*). and members who contributed to committee action, but were not at the meeting.

9-5-01: Dunn, Durham, Eason, Frank, H. Lewis, J. Lewis, Neil, Schneider, Williams

10-3-01: Durham, Frank, Neil, J. Lewis, Wacker, Williams, Schneider, Wolfe

11-7-01: Dunn, Durham, Frank, Neil, J. Lewis, Wacker, Williams, Eason, H. Lewis, Schneider

12-5-01: Dunn, Durham, Frank, Neil, J. Lewis, Williams, Eason, Schneider

1-2-02: Durham, Eason, Frank, Layman, J. Lewis, Neil, Schneider, Wacker, Williams, Wolfe

1-7-02: Dunn, Durham, Frank, Layman, J. Lewis, Neil, Schneider, Wacker, Williams, Wolfe

2-7-02: Dunn, Durham, Frank, J. Lewis, Wacker, Eason, Schneider

3-7-02: Dunn, Durham, Frank, Neil, Layman, J. Lewis, Wacker, Wiberg, Williams, Schneider, Wolfe

4-4-02: Durham, Frank, Layman, J. Lewis, Wiberg, Williams, Schneider, Wolfe

3.        Subcommittees established during the year (include progress and/or completion of work). None

4.        Accomplishments during the year, especially as addressed through committee goals. Please include recommendations made to any

University agency other than the Faculty Senate that will be noted under #5.

§         Reviewed charge from Faculty Senate.

§         Became familiar with University policies and procedures relevant to the committee's areas of responsibilities.

§         Successfully integrated the functions of four predecessor committees.

§         Heard and decided appeals in a timely fashion. Denied several course drop appeals in which the request was made after the end of the semester in which the course was retaken or was requested for a non-qualifying course. Denied 21 grade replacement appeals, one financial aid appeal, and 63 readmission appeals. Granted one grade replacement appeal, 23 readmission appeals, and one request to allow the transfer of nine credit hours by exception as transferring from a senior institution.

§         Adopted a temporary policy, effective Fall Semester, 2001, that a grade replacement appeal based on late submission of a grade replacement request would be approved, if the

§         request was made within the same semester that the student was taking the course (i.e., on or

§         before the last day of classes for the semester). Directed the Dean of Undergraduate Studies to apply the policy retroactively to grade replacement appeals rulings made by the committee at its October meeting.

§         Recommended to ITCS that the online registration program be modified so that students can complete a request for a grade replacement during online registration, thus eliminating the need to turn in a paper form.

5.        Reports to the Faculty Senate (include dates and resolution numbers).

Made a recommendation to the Admission and Retention Policies Committee on January 18, 2002, that the deadline date for requesting grade replacements be liberalized. The Faculty Senate approved changes to the Grade Replacement Policy at its February 26, 2002 meeting (Faculty Senate Resolution #02-08). Under the revised policy, the grade replacement form must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar or the Office of Undergraduate Studies no later than the last day of classes of the semester in which the student retook the course.

6.        Business carried over to next year (list in priority order).

None. However, the current committee will hear readmission appeals in May and August. and will deal with any appeals that arise over the summer as we plan to have regular meetings over the summer as needed in addition to the readmission appeals to be heard in August.

7.       Evaluation of the committee (include anything that hindered or assisted the committee's work during the year).

A. Charge: Met charge

B. Personnel: Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Registrar provided active participation and assistance

C. Attendance: Good attendance by faculty and student representatives

D. Responsibilities: Excellent; new combined student appellate committee worked effectively and efficiently.

E. Activities: Heard and decided reviews in a timely and fair manner.

8.        Suggestion(s) to the Chair of the Faculty and/or Faculty Senate for improving the effectiveness of the committee.   None

9.        Does the Committee's organizational meeting next year need to be earlier than the date set this year?  _ x     no


Chairperson: Tom Durham            Secretary: Janice Lewis