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The third regular meeting of the 1999/2000 Faculty Senate

will be held on Tuesday, 16 November 1999, at 2:10 in the

Mendenhall Student Center, Room #244. 


Please note the change in meeting location.





  I.  Call to Order


II.   Approval of Minutes


      5 October 1999


III.  Special Order of the Day


      A.    Roll Call


      B.    Announcements


      C.    Richard Eakin, Chancellor

            Report on employment category of all faculty


      D.    Vice Chancellor's Report


      E.    Approval of Fall 1999 Graduation Roster, including

            honors program graduates.



IV.   Unfinished Business


V.    Report of Committees


      A.    Research and Creative Activity Policies

            Committee, Bodo Nischan

            Approval of Procedures for Yearly Lifetime

            and Five-Year University Research Awards


      B.    University Curriculum Committee, James Smith

            Curriculum matters contained in the minutes of

            the 23 September 1999, and 14 October 1999,

            Committee Meetings (Copies of these minutes have

            been distributed to all units.)


VI.         New Business