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The fourth regular meeting of the 1999/2000

Faculty Senate will be held on

Tuesday, 7 December 1999, at 2:10 in the Club

Level Seating at Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium.

There will be an Access Elevator from Gates 6

and/or 7.




I.    Call to Order


II.   Approval of Minutes

      16 November 1999       


III.  Special Order of the Day

      A.    Roll Call


      B.    Announcements


      C.    Richard Eakin, Chancellor

            Report on employment category of

            all faculty


      D.    Vice Chancellor's Report


      E.    Lou Everett, ECU Faculty Assembly Delegate

            Faculty Assembly Meeting of 19 November 1999   


      F.    Alan Rosenberg, ECU Faculty Assembly Delegate


      G.    Keith Howell, UNC Faculty Assembly Chair


IV.   Unfinished Business


V.    Report of Committees

      A.    Agenda Committee, Jim Joyce

            Proposed 2000-2001 Faculty Senate

            and Agenda Committee meeting dates 

            (attachment 1).


      B.    Faculty Governance Committee, Henry Ferrell

            ECU Faculty Manual, Appendix D Interpretation (attachment 2).


      C.    University Curriculum Committee, James Smith

            Curriculum matters contained in the minutes of the

            28 October 1999, and 11 November 1999, Committee Meetings.

            (Copies of these minutes have been distributed to all

            units and are available on the Faculty Senate web page.)



VI.   New Business




Attachment  1.   




Proposed 2000-2001 Faculty Senate and Agenda Committee Meeting Dates


Agenda Committee will meet:                          

      August 22, 2000                          

      September 26, 2000                       

      October 31, 2000                         

      November 28, 2000                        

      January 16, 2001                         

      February 13, 2001                        

      March 6, 2001                            

      April 10, 2001                           



Faculty Senate will meet:

      September 5, 2000

      October 10, 2000

      November 14, 2000

      December 5, 2000

      January 30, 2001

      February 27, 2001

      March 20, 2001

      April 24, 2001   

      May 1, 2001, Organizational Meeting



Attachment 2.


Faculty Governance Committee Report


ECU Faculty Manual, Appendix D Interpretation

At the last meeting of the Faculty Governance Committee

Brenda Killingsworth, Chair of the Faculty, and Richard Ringeisen,

Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, were asked to propose an

interpretation concerning notification to the faculty member in the

event of non-concurring personnel recommendations. It is their opinion

that the faculty member should be informed of both concurring and

non-concurring recommendations at every level, beginning with the

unit administrator's recommendation and continuing up to the level

where the final decision is made.


The wording in the ECU Faculty Manual, Appendix D, Section IV. H.

is clear that the candidate is informed of concurring recommendations. 

Immediately after the completion of each level of administrative review,

the administrator's recommendation shall be communicated to all appropriate

lower administrators, the candidate, and the committee of the unit which

made the initial recommendation.


Whether the candidate is to be informed is not clear for non-concurring

recommendations. Since the candidate would be informed if the administrator

concurred, the candidate would know that the administrator did not concur

if s/he was not informed of the decision. Since the candidate

would know the decision, it seems ridiculous not to communicate