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The organizational meeting of the 1997/1998 Faculty

Senate will be held on Tuesday, 29 April 1997, at 2:10 p.m.

in the Mendenhall Student Center Great Room.


This meeting is for newly elected Faculty Senators and

those Senators whose terms did not expire in 1997.


The Faculty Senate meeting scheduled on Tuesday, 22 April

1997, is the last meeting for all Senators whose terms expire

in 1997.



                                   FULL AGENDA


  I.  Call to Order


 II.  Roll Call


III.  Report of Committees


      A.    Nominating Committee for Faculty Officers,

            Bill Grossnickle

            Election of Faculty Officers (attachment 1).


      B.    Committee on Committees, Bob Woodside

            Election of Academic, Administrative,

            Appellate, and Student Union Committee

            Members (attachment 2).


      C.    Election of Members to the Committee on

            Committees (attachment 3).


      D.    Election of Members to the Agenda Committee

            (attachment 4).



All Faculty are encouraged to review this listing of proposed

1997-1998 committee membership rosters. 


Your name may have been placed as a nominee to serve on

an Academic, Appellate, Administrative, or Student

Union Committee for the upcoming academic year. 


With the close of this academic year, faculty nominated and

elected to serve on these committees will be notified

over the Summer of the Committee's scheduled Fall

organizational meeting date. 


Please do not hesitate to call the Faculty Senate office at

ext. 6537 if you have any questions.  Thank you!




Attachment  1.








Candidates for Chair of the Faculty


Donald Sexauer, School of Art

I have been a member of the faculty since 1960. I have

served on a number of academic and appellate committees

including the Faculty Governance committee, the Unit Code

Screening committees, the Hearing Committee and

the Reconsideration Committee. I have served on a number

of ad hoc committees including the committee to screen unit

codes, the committee to revise Appendix C and the

committee to rewrite Appendix D. During this past

academic year I have served as the chair of the faculty. In

this position I am responsible for all the duties of the chair

as described in Appendix A, Section VlIII of the Faculty

Manual. In this capacity as chair of the faculty, I have served

as an ex-officio member of the Faculty Governance

Committee, the Committee on Committees, and the

Educational Policies and Planning Committee. Along

with the regular duties of the office I have written bi-monthly

articles for the Pieces of Eight, created a home page for the

Faculty Senate, and added the proper HTML code to the

Faculty Manual and installed it on the World Wide

Web. In this capacity as chair of the faculty I have served as

a member of the Administrative Information Resources

Coordinating Council during this academic

year. In this position I have been an advocate for promoting

the development of a training center that will allow faculty to

become familiar with the new teaching technologies. I would

like to see the training center for faculty become a reality.


Chuck Singhas, Department of Biology

I have been a member of the biology faculty since 1987 and

have served on the Faculty Senate for six years. Current

University Committee assignments include the Animal Care

and Use Committee, Premedical and Predental Advisory

and Evaluation Committee, and as the chair of the faculty's

representative to the University Policy and Review

Committee on Human Research. I have served as

president of the North Carolina Academy of Science and as

a member of its Board of Directors. I am honored to be

nominated for Chair of the Faculty and if elected, will work to

represent all members of our faculty within the framework of

shared faculty governance.




Candidates for Vice Chair of the Faculty


Brenda Killingsworth, School of Business

Serving as Vice Chair of the Faculty during the past two

academic years has given me insight regarding key issues

facing the faculty.  The issues of preserving academic

freedom and tenure will be critical throughout the

remainder of this decade.  My experiences throughout the

university have provided me the skills and knowledge to

serve as a leader on behalf of the faculty.  If elected, I would

continue to work to protect the foundation and

principles of academic freedom and  tenure while

representing faculty throughout the University within our

system of shared faculty governance. Since joining the

faculty of East Carolina University in 1987, I have served

seven years in the Faculty Senate and ten years on

numerous standing and ad hoc University Committees. My

experiences have provided me with a broad,

campus-wide perspective of the issues facing faculty

governance. I have actively served on: Hearing, Career

Education, General Education, Teaching Effectiveness,

Teaching Grants, General College Advisor Recognition,

Major College Advisor Recognition, Teaching Excellence

Award, and Ad-hoc Peer Review Procedures and Instrument

Committees. In addition to a wide range of unit and

departmental committees, I have served as the School of

Business Faculty Representative interpreting the unit code

and coordinating faculty involvement in shared governance

of the School of Business. My research efforts have focused

on group facilitation and labor market information systems. 

My teaching effectiveness has been recognized by the 1992

Robert and Lina Worthington Mays Alumni Award, the 1996

International President's Award of IAPES (a 37,000 member

worldwide association for employment security

professionals), as well as by the Decision Sciences Institute

as one of four 1994 national finalists in the field of decision



Lou Everett, School of Nursing

It is indeed an honor to have been recently elected by the

Faculty Senate to serve as a delegate to the UNC Faculty

Assembly. This is the second term that I have had the

pleasure of serving as a Faculty Senator for my school, prior

to that I had served several terms as an Alternate. This past

year I have chaired the Agenda Committee. I have had

leadership positions within my unit, such as Chair of the

Governance Committee, Chair of the Faculty Affairs

Committee (for 4 years); and Chair of my department's

personnel committee for the past 3 years. During these

experiences, I've developed great interest in peer

evaluations, definitions of scholarly activities, faculty

workloads, and promotion and tenure review procedures. My

teaching effectiveness has been recognized through several

teaching awards: Teaching Excellence Award presented by

the School of Nursing - 1994, 1993. Outstanding Teacher

Award presented by Senior Class of the School of Nursing -

1994, 1992, 1988, & 1986. Finalist for the ECU Robert and

Lina Worthington Mays Alumni Teaching Effectiveness

Award in 1985. This year I was presented the Advanced

Practice Award in Psychiatric Nursing by the N.C. Nurses

Association. My focus area of research and publications is

stepfamilies. I have just completed a chapter on

"Stepfamilies" in an advanced practice psychiatric nursing

text. I currently serve as the Program Chair of Sigma Theta

Tau International, the only honor society in

nursing, and have served as one of their Distinguished

Lecturers for the past 4 years. It is a delightful experience to

work with all of you--my colleagues--in making this a greater

university for all of us!



Candidates for Secretary of the Faculty


Donald Neal, Department of Geology

During the eighteen years I have been at East Carolina

University, it has been my privilege to serve the faculty of

my unit and the university at large in a variety

of assignments. In the early 1980's I served two terms as a

Faculty Senator and currently represent my unit. It is difficult

to remember a time when I did not serve on a senate

committee. Over the years I have held membership on the

Libraries, General Education and University Curriculum

committees and served as chair of General Education for

two years and secretary and chair of Curriculum. This

year I have had the privilege of serving as Secretary of the

Faculty. Through these experiences I have seen how

important faculty governance is in maintaining a healthy and

vigorous university. To this end, I offer my name for

consideration as a candidate for the position of Secretary of

the Faculty


Bob Morrison, Department of Chemistry

When I came to ECU 27 years ago I was impressed with the

strong voice the faculty had through the Faculty Senate, and 

through shared  governance in general.  It was important to

ECU to incorporate our diverse opinions into decision

making processes.   Open debate and thoughtful reflection

lead to informed choices.  Shared governance is important

in a dynamic university that is growing in its size, scope, and

stature.   It was important for ECU then, it's important now,

and it will continue to be important as we grow to meet the

changing societal needs in the region, state, and nation.   I

have served on the Credits Committee, served as a member

and chair of the Administrative Computer User's Advisory

Committee, the predecessor to the Faculty Computer

Committee, served on the Faculty Computer Committee,

served as an alternate or member of several appellate

committees, recently as chair of the Hearing

Committee,  and served on the Faculty Senate for three

terms in the 1980's.  I currently serve as an alternate

member of the UNC Faculty Assembly, on the

Libraries Committee (served two years as its Secretary), 

and serve as a member of the Administrative

Patent/Intellectual Property Committee.   I will do

my best if elected Secretary of the Faculty.





Attachment  2.









(3 year terms unless otherwise noted)


Admissions and Recruitment

(no specifications)


Terms expiring:   Steve Mead, Industry & Technology  

            Dawn Clark, Theatre and Dance

            Howard Barnes, HESC                


Other members:    Michael Carrafiello, History

            Louis Warren, Education

            John Cope, Psychology

            Umesh Gulati, Business



      Michael Cotter    Academic Lib. Svcs.

      Margot Stock      Nursing

      Ju-Chin Huang     Economics




(no specifications)


Terms expiring:   John Crammer, Math           

            Nancy Moss, Nursing          


Other members:    Jennifer Crouch, HESC

            Jan Mayo, Academic Library Services

            Mary Farwell, Biology

            Ann Adams-Bullock, Education



      Karen Elberson    Nursing

      David Glascoff    Business


Career Education

(representing in a balanced way the professional schools

and the College of Arts and Sciences)


Terms expiring:   Clifford Knight, Biology           

            Melissa Nasea, Health Sciences Library   


Other members:    Karl Abrahamson, Math

            Paul Bell, Allied Health Sciences

            Karry Carlin, Music

            Scott Dellana, Business

            Berverly Harju, Psychology

            Belinda Lee, Nursing



      Melissa Nasea           HSL                    

      Mark Friend       Industry & Tech        



Continuing Education

(no specifications)


Term expiring:    Daniel Shouse, Academic Library Services


Other members:    Meta Downes, Allied Health Sciences

            Abdul-Shakoor Farhadi, Art

            Marcela Ruiz-Funes, Foreign Languages

            Nancy Spalding, Political Science



      Karen Krupa       Nursing    


Course Drop Appeals

(no specifications)


Terms expiring:   Roberta Chodacki, Academic Library Services    

            John Childers, Psychology



Other members:    Hanna Jubran, Art

            Betty Peel, Education

            Alexander Shlapentokh, Math

            Glenn Rohrer, Social Work



      Martha Lapas      ALS        

      Kenneth Bass      Business   




(no specifications)


Term expiring:    Jim Pinkney, Education       

            1 year open term


Other members:    Robert Woodside, Math  

            Tope Bello, Business

            Margaret Boschetti, HESC



      Michael Duffy     Art

      Trenton Davis     Allied Health Sc. (1 yr. term)



Educational Policies and Planning

(no specifications)


Term expiring:    Caroline Ayers, Chemistry


Other members:    Worth Worthington, Family Medicine

            David Lawrence, Geology



      George Bailey     Philosophy 



Faculty Computer

(at least 6 of whom are from academic units that are

bona fide users of the University computation facilities)


Terms expiring:   Nellie Droes, Nursing        

            John Owens, Math             

            John Bradley, Business       



Other members:    Mary Glascoff, Health & Human Perf.

            Yong Wang, Geography

            Beth Winstead, Health Sciences Library

            Rodney Schmidt, Music

            Wayne Godwin, Art

            Myron Caspar, Chemistry



      Nellie Droes      Nursing          

      Elmer Poe   Industry & Tech  

      Janet Prichard    Math



Faculty Governance

(no specifications)


Terms expiring:   George Bailey, Philosophy    

            Sherry Southard, English           

            Jeff Jarvis, Music                 


Other members:    Bruce Albright, Allied Health Sciences

            Bob Hursey, Math

            Paul Hartley, Art

            Tinsley Yarbrough, Political Science     



      Patricia AndersonEducation        

      Artemis Kares           ALS                                

      Jim Joyce         Physics          




Faculty Welfare

(no specifications)


Terms expiring:   open 1998 term

            Harsharan Singh, Medicine    


Other members:    Martha Selby, Health & Human Perf.

            Scott Thomson, Education     

            Angela Hall, Health Sciences Library

            Sean Kelly, Political Science




      Judy Donnalley    Education   1 yr. term 

      Uma Gupta   Business



General Education

(no specifications)



Terms expiring:   Cynthia Bickley-Green, Art         

            Jim Hix, Chemistry                       

            Karen Krupa, Nursing               


Other members:    James Holloway, Business

            Richard McCarty, Philosophy

            Charles Bland, Biology

            Richard Hattendorf, Foreign Languages



            Elliot Frank      Music            

            Evelyn Farrior    HESC       

            Parm Hawk   Education



Honors Program

(at least half of whom shall either have taught honors courses or be from units

 which have offered honors courses at sometime in the previous three years.)


Terms expiring:         John Bort, Anthropology      

                  John Bickle, Philosophy      

                  David Glascoff, Business           


Other members:    Michael Bassman, Foreign Languages

            Donald Collins, History

            Martha Engelke, Nursing

            Doug McMillan, English

            Marion Eppler, Psychology



      Nancy Shires      Academic Lib. Svcs.

      Keith GoinsIndustry & Tech

      Samatha Gust      Health Sc. Lib.              




(with at least 2 from the Graduate faculty and 1 from the School of Medicine)


Terms expiring:         Bob Morrison, Chemistry            

                  Johnathan Bascom, Geography        


Other members:    John Daughtry, Math

            Henry Ferrel, History

            Bruce McComiskey, English

            Tibor Hortobagyi, Health and Human Perf.

            Allan Rosenberg, Medicine



      Yolanda Burwell         Social Work      

      Tony Whetstone          Psychology



Readmission Appeals

(no specifications)



Terms expiring:         Ralph Scott, Academic Library Services

                  Ken MacLeod, Business                    

            alternate Vivian Mott, Education                     


Other members:    Steven Cerutti, Foreign Languages

            Philip Rothman, Economics

            George Williams, Education

            Timothy Hudson, Math

            Linda Wolfe, Anthropology

            alternate Michael Polson, HESC



      Thomas Durham     Psychology

      Garrett Hume      Allied Health Sc

      Ernie Schwarz     Health & Human Perf.


Research/Creative Activity Grants

(The membership of the committee shall be as follows: 6 from the College of Arts and Sciences, with two each from Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Sciences/Math, and 6 from the Professional Schools and other academic units, with no more than 1 from each professional school.  Each member shall have demonstrated accomplishment in scholarship, research, or creative activity, as evidenced by data submitted for each person nominated by the Committee on Committees or from the floor of the Faculty Senate.)    


Terms expiring:         Catherine Rigsby, Geology    

                  Alan Arnett, Theatre and Dance           

                  Christa Reiser, Sociology          

                  Rose Postel, HESC            

                  Calvin Mercer, Philosophy    

                  Dale Hutchinson, Anthropology


Other members:    Michael Felts, Health & Human Perf.

            M.S. Ravi, Math

            Melvin Stanforth, Art

            Mark Taggart, Music

            Linner Griffin, Social Work

            Josie Bowman, Nursing

            Jerry Cranford, Allied Health Sciences

            Larry Means, Psychology

            Sandra Tawake, English

            Ed Stellwag, Biology

            Randy Joyner, Education

            William McPherson, Industry and Technology



            Catherine Rigsby        Geology

            Rose Postel       HESC 

            David Dennard           History    

            Randall Parker          Economics  

            Alan Arnett       Theatre & Dance  

            Bonnie Mani       Political Sc.    



Research/Creative Activity Policies

(no specifications)


Terms expiring:         Charles Hodson, Medicine     

                  Gene Tranbarger, Nursing     

                  Britton Theurer, Music             


Other members:    Marsha Ironsmith, Psychology

            Richard Mauger, Geology

            David Gabbard, Education

            Elias Katsoulis, Math



      Michael Pfeifer         Medicine   

      Joseph KalinowskiAllied Health Sc.

      Bodo Nischan            History          



Student Advising and Retention

(no specifications)


Terms expiring:         Karen Hancock, Health and Human Performance    

                  Dennis Chestnut, Psychology                    


Other members:    Rick Hebert, Business

            Bill Spickerman, Math

            Lynda Martin, HESC

            Bob McCabe, Allied Health Sciences



      Margaret Foote          Academic Lib. Svcs.

      Thomas Reilly           HESC       



Student Scholarships, Fellowships, and Financial Aid

(no specifications)

Terms expiring:         Linda Allred, Psychology           

                  Saeed Dar, Medicine          


Other members:    Diane Banks, Art

            Christine Gustafson, Music

            Rich Shine, Allied Health Sciences

            Carolyn Ledford, Education

            Mike Hoekstra, Math

            Linda Bergstrom, Nursing



      Kathy Brown       Health & Human Perf.

      Linda Allred            Psychology 



Teaching Effectiveness

(no specifications)

Terms expiring:         Parmalee Hawk, Education           

                  Ronnie Smith, Math                 

                  Michael Duffy, Art                       


Other members:    Charles Boklage, Medicine

            Janna Brendell, Music

            Brenda Kurz, Social Work

            David Pravica, Math

            George Evans, Chemistry

            James Haug, Academic Library Services

            Jean Hiebert, Health Sciences Library



      Jon Pedersen            Education        

      John Crammer            Math       

      Charles Garrison        Sociology        



Teaching Grants

(The membership of the committee shall be as follows: 6 from the

College of Arts and Sciences, with 2 each from Humanities, Social Sciences,

and Sciences/Math, and 6 from the professional schools and other academic

units, with not more than 1 from each professional school.)


Terms expiring:         Celeste Winterberger, Industry & Technology    

                  John Richards, Education                             

                  Frank Murphy, Philosophy                       

                  Prem Sehgal, Biology                           

                  JoAnn Neff, Nursing                            


Other members:    Sherry Ginn, Psychology

            Mary Jackson, Social Work

            Jean-Luc Scemama, Biology

            Martin Schwarz, Foreign Languages

            Joseph Kiely, Business

            Angela Thompson, History

            Matthew Mahar, Health and Human Performance    



      Louise Toppin           Music      

      Frances DaughertyArt        

      Marie Farr        English          

      Heather Ries            Math       

      Harold Griffin          Education  



Unit Code Screening

(no specifications)


Terms expiring:         Bill Grossnickle, Psychology             

                  Artemis Kares, Academic Library Services 

                  Carl Bentzel, Medicine                   


Other members:    Punam Madhok, Art

            John Stevens, Foreign Languages

            Gene Hughes, Business

            Paul Topper, Music



      Bill Grossnickle  Psychology       

      Jamal Mustafa     Medicine         

      Ralph ScottALS              




University Curriculum

(no specifications)


Terms expiring:   Martha Lapas, Academic Library Services  

                  Donald Neal, Geology                     

                  Carol Cox, Nursing                             


Other members:    Ron Graziani, Art

            Tijjani Mohammed, Industry & Technology

            James O. Smith, Business

            Evelyn Powers, Education

            Bob Joyner, Math

            Carol Techman, Allied Health Sciences

            Thomas Huener, Music

            JoAnn Jones, English



      Greg Lapicki            Physics          

      John Whitehead          Economics  

      Dale Knickerbocker      Foreign Language



Writing Across the Curriculum

(each from a different academic unit)


Terms expiring:   Chris Ulffers, Music                    

            Elmer Poe, Industry & Technology               


Other members:    Lynn Eudey, Math

            Margaret O'Neal, Psychology

            Terri Woods, Geology

            Carmine Scavo, Political Science

            Patricia Clark, Theatre Arts

            Myra Brown, Allied Health Sciences



      Chris Ulffers           Music      

      Frank Farmer            English          




(3 year terms unless otherwise noted)


Citation Appeals

(1 year term)


Terms expiring:   D.J. Maloney, Theatre Arts         

            George Williams, Education         


Other members:    None



      Elliot Frank            Music

      Randy Joyner            Education  



Faculty and Staff Benefits

(no specifications)


Terms expiring:   Martha Selby, Health and Human Performance     

            Scott Thomson, Education                 


Other member:           Angela Hall, Health Sciences Library



      Edwin Doty        Business   

      William McPhersonIndustry & Tech. 



Parking and Traffic Policy

(no specifications)


Term expiring:          Bob Woodside, Math           


Other members:    Tom Evans, Art

            Jannis Shea, HESC



      Joseph CiechalskiEducation  



Research Ethics Review

(no specifications)


Term expiring:          Scott Thomson, Education           


Other members:    Linda Wolfe, Anthropology

            Brian McMillen, Medicine



      Marie Pokorny     Nursing          



University Athletic

(no specifications)


Term expiring:          Fred Schadler, Business            


Other members:    Marjorie Inman, HESC

            Art Haney, Art

            Judy Bernhardt, Nursing

            Maurice Simon, Political Science



      Fred Schadler           Business   



University Award

(1 year term)


Term expiring:          Alta Andrews, Nursing        


Other members:    none



      Alta Andrews            Nursing





(3 year terms)


Honorary Degrees, Awards, and Distinctions

(no specifications)


Term expiring:          Gene Hughes, Business              

                  Bill Grossnickle, Psychology       


Other members:    Worth Worthington, Medicine

            Caroline Ayers, Chemistry

            Patricia Clark, Theatre Arts

            James VanFleet, Political Science



      Bill Grossnickle        Psychology       

      Peter McCracken         Academic Library. Svcs.      




(3 year terms)


Academic Integrity

(no specifications)


Terms expiring:   Susan McDaniel, Biology            

            Frank Murphy, Philosophy           

      alternate   Paul Haggard, Math                 

      alternate   Paul Tschetter, Sociology                


Other members:    Harrell Allen, Communication

            Mary Templeton, Allied Health Sciences

      alternate   Katye Sowell, Math

      alternate   Margaret Boschetti, HESC



      Thomas Durham           Psychology        6118 

      Karen Elberson          Nursing                 4303            

      Garrett Hume*           AHS               4461       

      Hanna Jubran*           Art               1303 






(3 year terms unless otherwise noted)


Due Process

(full-time, permanently tenured voting faculty member holding no administrative title)


Terms expiring:   Ralph Scott, Academic Library Services   

            Gerhard Kalmus, Biology                  

      alternate   Margie Gallagher, HESC                   

      alternate   Elizabeth Foster, Education                    


Other members:    Rose Postel, HESC

            Jeanette Dolezal, Medicine

            Rick Taylor, English

      alternate   Mark Taggart, Music

      alternate   David Lawrence, Geology

      alternate   Yolanda Burwell, Social Work



      William McPhersonIndustry & Tech  

      Ralph Scott       Academic Lib. Svcs.

      Yolanda Burwell*  Social Work            

      Saeed Dar*        Medicine         


*alternate members     



Faculty Grievance

(8 members and 2 alternates, each of whom is a full-time voting

faculty member without administrative appointment, with

representation from each professorial rank)


Terms expiring:         Ken Wilson, Sociology, Associate Professor           

                  Pat Dunn, Health and Human Perf, Professor           

                  Linda Mooney, Sociology, Assoc Professor       


Other members:          Gene Hughes, Business, Professor

                  Patti Weeks, Theatre Arts, Asst Professor

                  Paul Haggard, Math, Professor

                  Mary Jackson, Social Work, Associate Professor             

                  Brian McMillen, Medicine, Professor

            alternate   Vivian Mott, Education, Asst. Professor

            alternate   Janet Fischer, Art, Professor



      Donald Fletcher         Medicine           

      Larry Hough       Political Science      

      Robert Morrison         Chemistry                    



Grievance Board

(permanently tenured voting faculty member holding no administrative

title; 2 year term; Members of the board whose terms have expired are

ineligible for membership on the board for a period of three years after

the expiration of their terms.)


Terms expiring:   Patricia Anderson, Education 

            David Dennard, History       

            Charles Hodson, Medicine           

      alternate   Alan Arnett, Theatre Arts          

      alternate   Susan McCammon, Psychology   

      alternate   Bob Morrison, Chemistry      


Other members:    John Satterfield, Art

            Kerry Carlin, Music

            Mary Templeton, Allied Health Sciences

            Frances Eason, Nursing

      alternate   Umesh Gulati, Business

      alternate   Sunday Ajose, Math



      Garrett Hume            Allied Health Sc 

      William McPhersonIndustry & Tech  

      Artemis Kares           Academic Lib. Svcs.

      Jamal Mustafa*          Medicine         

      Dawn Clark*       Theatre and Dance            

      Richard Mauger*         Geology         





(full-time, permanently tenured voting faculty member

holding no adminstrative title)


Terms expiring:   Donald Fletcher, Medicine

      alternate   Angela Thompson, History

      alternate   Brenda Killingsworth, Business


Other members:    Michael Bassman, Foreign Languages

            Gay Wilentz, English   

            Belinda Lee, Nursing

            George Williams, Education

      alternate   Christa Reiser, Sociology                

      alternate   Allan Rosenberg, Medicine

      alternate   Paul Hartley, Art



      Patricia Anderson       Education              

      Brian Harris*           Foreign Language 

      Linda Mooney*           Sociology        





(full-time, permanently tenured voting faculty

member holding no administrative title)


Terms expiring:   Cathy Hall, Psychology             

      alternate   Trenton Davis, Allied Health Sciences    

      alternate   Tom Buttery, Education             


Other members:    Greg Lapicki, Physics

            Martin Schwarz, Foreign Languages

            Saeed Dar, Medicine

            Glenn Rohrer, Social Work

      alternate   Bob Woodside, Math

      alternate   Jim Pinkney, Education

      alternate   Michael Ehlbeck, Art



      Donald Neal       Geology

      Tom Eamon*        Political Sc.    

      Charles Snow*           HESC 






(no specifications, 1 year terms)




(1 year term)


Terms expiring:   new committee



      Bob Woodside            Math 

      Brian Harris            Foreign Language



Cultural Awareness

(1 year term)


Terms expiring:   Kerry Carlin, Music

            Punam Madhok, Art



      Ralph Scott       Academic Lib. Svcs.

      Ron Graziani            Art  




(1 year term)


Terms expiring:   Gail Munde, Academic Library Services

            Fred Fladenmuller, Foreign Languages

            Beverly Harju, Psychology



      Gary Greenstein         HSL  

      Michael Pfeifer         Medicine   

      Tony Whetstone          Psychology 




(1 year term)


Terms expiring:   Dawn Brezine, Medicine

            open position



      A. Farhadi        Art        

      Hanna Jubran            Art        




(1 year term)


Terms expiring:   Patricia Clark, Theatre and Dance

            Nancy Shires, Academic Library Services



      Samantha Gust           Health Sc. Lib.  

      Mark Taggart            Music      




(1 year term)


Term expiring:          Todd Goodson, English



      Gary Greenstein         Health Sc. Lib   



Popular Entertainment

(1 year term)


Term expiring:          Sandra Triebenbacher, HESC



      Margaret Foote          Academic Lib. Svcs.



Special Events

(1 year term)


Terms expiring:   Joseph Kiely, Business

                  open position



      Linda Carr        Cooperative Educ 

      Frances DaughertyArt        



Visual Arts

(1 year term)


Terms expiring:   Cynthia Bickley-Green, Art

            Elias Katsoulis, Math



      C. Bickley-Green        Art              

      Margot Stock            Nursing





Attachment  3.



(no specifications, 2 year terms)



Terms expiring:   Alta Andrews            Nursing                

            Brian Harris            Foreign Languages      

            Bob Woodside            Math 



Other members:    Donald Neal       Geology                

            Mark Taggart            Music

            Artemis Kares           Academic Library Services          






Attachment  4.



(must be a Faculty Senator, 1 year term)


Terms expiring:   Chris Ulffers                       Music                  

            Doug McMillan                 English

            Jim Joyce                     Physics

            Lou Everett                   Nursing

            Linda Allred                        Psychology