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The first regular meeting of the 2004-2005 Faculty Senate was held on Tuesday, September 14, 2004, in

the Mendenhall Student Center, Great Room.


Agenda Item I.  Call to Order

Catherine Rigsby, Chair of the Faculty called the meeting to order at 2:10 p.m.


Agenda Item II.  Approval of Minutes

The minutes of March 30, 2004, April 20, 2004, and April 27, 2004, were approved as distributed.


Agenda Item III.  Special Order of the Day

A. Roll Call

Senators absent were: Professors Kovacs and Pofahl (Medicine), Killingsworth (Faculty Assembly Delegate) and Chancellor Ballard.


Alternates present were: Professors Ciechalski for Brown (Education), Jenks for Long (History), Pokorny for Cox (Nursing), Stone for Toppen (Technology and Computer Science), and Abrahamson for Tabrizi (Technology and Computer Science).


B. Announcements

Electronic access to the Faculty Salary report (BD-119) is available via One Stop.  Please direct any questions to Kelly Zimmer at 328-4182.


The Chancellor has approved the following resolutions from April 20, 2004, Faculty Senate meeting:

04-17    Curriculum matters contained in the minutes of the March 11, 2004, and March 25, 2004, University Curriculum Committee meetings.

04-19    Pilot study of the web based student survey during 2004 summer session courses. 

04-20    Interpretation to the University Undergraduate Catalog and Policy for Transfer of Credits from Non-regionally Accredited Institutions.

04-21    Report on Streamlining Reporting Processes, that includes five recommendations.

04-22    Revised ECU Faculty Manual, Appendix Y. Grievance Policies and Procedures. 

04-24    New unit codes of operation for the Departments of Child Development and Family Relations, Criminal Justice, and Interior Design and Merchandising and a revised School of Social Work unit code. 


Teaching grants are due Friday, October 1, 2004, in the Faculty Senate office.  http://www.ecu.edu/fsonline/AcademicCommittees/tg/GrantProposal.htm


Faculty members not located on main campus (Allied Health Sciences, Medicine, Health and Human Performance) and who serve on various academic standing committees are reminded of special courtesy parking permits available from the office of Parking and Transportation Services.  Special Courtesy Permits allow faculty members attending meetings, etc. to park in "A1/B1” lots on main campus.  These permits are issued to unit heads at no charge and are to be used in conjunction with a paid parking permit. Information about these parking permits was distributed to unit heads over the Summer.  Additional information is available from Mike Vanderven, Director of Parking and Transportation Services at 328-1961.


Faculty interested in periodically receiving past copies of "The Chronicle of Higher Education" are asked to call the Faculty Senate office at 328-6537 to have their name placed on a distribution list. 


The following Faculty Senate Alternates served as Tellers during the elections:

Linda James (Education), Dori Finley (Human Ecology), and Charles Hodson (Medicine).    


The next Board of Trustees’ meeting is scheduled for Friday, September 24, 2004.  Copies of the meeting agenda will be available in the Faculty Senate office.


C.  Jim Smith, Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Vice Chancellor Smith welcomed the faculty to the 2004-2005 academic year and to more opportunities to improve our institution through shared University governance. He stated that Chancellor Ballard understands that we have a vital tradition in this regard at ECU and sends his greetings and regrets that his trip to visit with Washington DC contacts conflicted with the Senate meeting.  Noted below are issues that Dr. Smith addressed in his remarks to the Faculty Senate.


1.  Salary Increment processes:   Finally, we have had some monies for salary increases.  We regret that campus-based tuition increase (CBTI) monies could not be used for SPA or for non-teaching EPA increments.  The Board of Governors made those decisions and the Office of State Personnel governs what can and cannot be done with SPA salaries. The current increment was 2.5% or $1,000 (whichever was higher) for all SPA salaries. There was a 2.5% increment on the faculty salary base and with the CBTI monies added; the average faculty salary increment should approach 4.5%. Merit, equity, market, and compression were the factors in determining faculty salary increment recommendations.  Vacant position use and salary reserves allowed non-teaching EPA employees a similar possible average increment.   We do not have the ranges and averages as yet, but we will report on that in October.  I trust that chairs and directors have been able to begin addressing equity and compression issues.  I also trust that each unit has held discussions for faculty input on what meritorious performance means in that unit.  We will endeavor to set aside a small but useful amount of money for diversity purposes this year, as well as funds for SPA and fixed-term employees.  Chancellor Ballard has asked us to begin a 3-5 year process that will gradually begin to address these matters.


2.  Fixed-term Committee:  I am pleased that this committee is formed and will be meeting on issues related to fixed-term employment at ECU.  Happily, Bob Morrison has agreed to chair the committee and Bob’s work on the UNC committee will facilitate our approach here.  I look forward to hearing committee suggestions and recommendations going forward. Henry Peel in Academic Affairs has gathered some salary data that should be of use to the committee.


3.  Academic Affairs Organization:  Linked to the minutes is a report that includes the refinements in organization in the Academic Affairs division.  Henry Peel, Rita Reaves, and Elmer Poe will assist me in leading the division along lines that combine positions in functional ways.  Several collaborative teams will continue to work within these functional areas.  Also, Darryl Davis and Dorothy Muller will report to me as projects directors on major projects.    Banner transition is extremely important for the division and for the University and Dr. Davis’ experience and expertise will guide us in that, as in other projects.  Dr. Muller will continue to direct the “succeed sooner” project, as well as the large classroom project, the ECU in Washington program, new faculty orientation, the teacher-scholar program, among other important projects.


Link to Academic Affairs Organization http://www.ecu.edu/fsonline/FacultySenate/AGENDAS/fsa9-14_aachart.htm

4.  ECU Annual Report:  Linked to the minutes are both the annual report sent to the Office of the President and Chancellor Ballard’s summary of the report. As faculty leaders, I thought it important for you to have the report.  It provides an interesting and impressive overview of what we have accomplished during the past year.    


Link to Summary  http://www.ecu.edu/fsonline/FacultySenate/AGENDAS/fsa9-14_ballardmemo.htm


Link to Annual Report   http://www.ecu.edu/fsonline/FacultySenate/AGENDAS/fsa9-04_ecuannualreport.htm


5.  Budget Matters:    Probably the three most important phases of any given academic year are personnel and tenure recommendations, salary increment recommendations, and resource allocations.  We are now in the midst of the third among these.   We have nearly $7 million in faculty positions to allocate (97) as well as the associated academic support monies.  The deans have sent in requests in the spring.  Distance education accounts for about 75% of our funding and will therefore receive about that percentage of the new funding.   We expect to perform these allocations within the next month. 


There were no questions posed to Interim Vice Chancellor Jim Smith at this time.


D. Nick Floyd, Interim Director of Athletics

Mr. Floyd was unable to attend the meeting due to an illness in the family.  He will be invited to the October 12, 2004, Faculty Senate meeting.


E. David Dosser, Chair of the University Athletics Committee and Academic Integrity Subcommittee

Professor Dosser’s full report to the Faculty Senate is available electronically at:

http://www.ecu.edu/fsonline/FacultySenate/AGENDAS/fsa9_04_UnivAthleticsCmte.htm  There were no questions posed to Professor Dosser at this time.


F.  Toya Jacobs, Associate Director of the Intercultural Student Affairs and Ledonia Wright Cultural Center.

Ms. Jacobs provided an overview of the programs and services to promote cultural diversity. Some of these included academic support, retention strategies, cultural activities, leadership retreat, computer services and tutorials. She also expressed the need for a science tutor. This year they had added a new freshman roundtable as they continued their work in the high schools to increase cultural awareness. She also provided an overview of some of the guest speakers and events scheduled this semester. There were no questions for Ms. Jacobs.


G. Catherine Rigsby, Chair of the Faculty

Professor Rigsby expressed her regard for the new chancellor and was encouraged by their discussions on academics and his commitment that faculty be involved in major university decisions. She reminded Senators we must assume the responsibility to live up to the challenge to help shape the university and its policies. She then reported on three items named in her convocation address: Search committees, faculty mentoring, and university-wide tenure and promotion standards. Faculty presence on administrative search committees would be discussed later at this meeting. Faculty mentoring was referred to Faculty Welfare Committee, which had already formed a subcommittee. Tenure-track faculty workshops would be scheduled during the semester and new tenure track faculty meet once a month. She thanked Rita Reaves for her work. Rigsby also encouraged Senators to contact her if they would be interested in mentoring new faculty, who are eager for contact with tenured faculty throughout the university. Tenure and promotion standards have been assigned to Faculty Governance and in order to help them, she and Smith would form a committee to report to Governance on standards for tenure and promotion. She and Smith would also be putting together a group to identify best practices for faculty searches, a recurring issue in Senate meetings.


H. Question Period

Faculty are encouraged to participate in the Question Period of the Faculty Senate meeting.  This period allows faculty an opportunity to ask questions of administrators and others present relating to activities of the administration or Faculty Senate committees. 


Willson (Medicine) asked Vice Chancellor Mike Lewis when would the University see results on the Cardiovascular Institute?  V.C. Lewis responded that as a result of the work on the Cardiovascular Institute, in general, we have garnered respect of the various legislators and staff people and this should help us in the future. Ground preparation could begin within 12 months. The Center will include classroom and research facilities as well as medical offices.


Scott (Academic Library Services) asked Interim Vice Chancellor Jim Smith for a 5 year timeline of summer school enrollment. Interim V.C. Smith agreed to provide that.


Morrison (Chemistry) asked Interim Vice Chancellor John Lehman the status of the Research Institutes. Interim V.C. Lehman responded that applications had been received and 2 had been chosen for external review. The Vice Chancellors had not met at this time to make final decisions. He added that he would be able to report at the next Senate meeting on possibilities for stimulating and supporting faculty research.


Agenda Item IV.  Unfinished Business

Faculty Officers Nominating Committee

Professor Dale Knickerbocker (Foreign Languages and Literatures) presented the names of two candidates for the Vice Chair of the Faculty position: Professors Dee Dee Glascoff (Health and Human Performance) and Ralph Scott (Academic Library Services).  There were no nominations from the floor.  Following elections, Professor Dee Dee Glascoff was elected Vice Chair of the Faculty.


Agenda Item V.  Report of Committees

A. Committee on Committees

Professor Henry Ferrell (History), Chair of the Committee, presented first the nominee for the Appellate Grievance Board.  There were no nominations from the floor.  Professor Tim Hudson (Mathematics) was elected by acclamation.


Professor Ferrell then presented the nominee for the Appellate Hearing Committee.  There were no nominations from the floor.   Professor Saeed Dar (Medicine) was elected by acclamation.


Sprague (Physics) made a motion to change the agenda by moving the election of members to the Vice Chancellor Search Committees before the University Budget Committee.  There was no objection and the change was made.


B. Educational Policies and Planning Committee

The Committee report on the Notification of Intent to Plan a MS in Construction Management and changes in the MS Industrial Technology and MS Occupational Safety programs was postponed until November, 2004.


Agenda Item VI.  New Business

Chair Rigsby noted that Chancellor Ballard had agreed to form both Vice Chancellor Search Committees with equal number of faculty and administrators.  She stated that, in reference to the faculty members, the Faculty Senate would elect three faculty members, and she, in consultation with the Chancellor, would appoint three faculty members.  Chair Rigsby then opened the floor to faculty nominations for those tenured and tenure-track faculty members in at least their second year of appointment. 

The following faculty members were nominated to serve on the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Search Committee: Bob Morrison (Chemistry), Dale Knickerbocker (Foreign Languages), Mark Taggart (Music), James Holloway (Business), Jan Tovey (English), Peter Standish (Foreign Languages), John Cope (Psychology), and Steve Estes (Health and Human Performance).  Following the elections, Professors Bob Morrison (Chemistry), Mark Taggart (Music), and John Cope (Psychology) were elected by the Faculty Senate to serve on the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Search Committee.


The following faculty members were nominated to serve on the Vice Chancellor for Research Search Committee: Paul Fletcher (Medicine), Mark Sprague (Physics), Michael Schinasi (Foreign Languages), and Marie Pokorny (Nursing).  Following the elections, Professors Paul Fletcher (Medicine), Mark Sprague (Physics), and Marie Pokorny (Nursing) were elected by the Faculty Senate to serve on the Vice Chancellor for Research Search Committee.


Agenda Item V.  Report of Committees (continued)

C. University Budget Committee

Professor Henry Ferrell (History), Chair of the Committee, presented a summary of the State Budget for 2004-2005.  Interim Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance, Chuck Hawkins assisted Professor Ferrell by discussing the specifics of the budget summary.


Morrison (Chemistry) asked what the total annual budget was and how much of that came from the State? Interim V.C. Chuck Hawkins responded that $200 million of a 1/2 billion dollar budget comes from the State.


Robinson (Mathematics) stated that with the 5% enrollment growth and the 1.5% budget cut, what does the legislature think about ECU continuing to project enrollment growth in light of budget cuts? Interim V.C. Hawkins responded that, with the need in the state for nurses and teachers for example, the university has to continue its programs and, in the long run, would have support.


Ciesielski (Technology and Computer Science) asked if future budget summary reports could be written in a way to be understood easier.   Vice Chancellor Hawkins noted the need for clarity in the summaries.


There was no additional business to come before the Faculty Senate at this time.  The meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Janice Tovey                                                                              Lori Lee

Secretary of the Faculty                                                             Administrative Officer

Department of English                                                                Faculty Senate