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Full Text of Speeches Given by the Chair of the Faculty to the Board of Trustees

April 2018, Donna Kain (VC)

September 2017, Donna Kain (VC)

July 2017, Donna Kain  (VC)

February 2017, Donna Kain (VC)

November 2016, John Stiller

July 2014, Andrew Morehead

September 2013, Mark Sprague

April 2013, Mark Sprague

February 2013, Mark Sprague

November 2012, Mark Sprague

September 2012, Mark Sprague

July 2012, Mark Sprague

February 2012, Marianna Walker

December 2011, Marianna Walker

September 2011, Marianna Walker

April 2011, Marianna Walker

February 2011, Marianna Walker

November 2010, Marianna Walker

September 2010, Marianna Walker

April 2010, Marianna Walker

February 2010, Marianna Walker

November 2009, Marianna Walker

September 2009, Marianna Walker






April 2009, Janice Tovey

February 2009, Janice Tovey

November 2008, Janice Tovey

April 2008, Mark Taggart

February 2008, Mark Taggart

November 2007, Mark Taggart

September 2007, Mark Taggart

April 2007, Mark Taggart

December 2006, Mark Taggart

October 2006, Mark Taggart

July 2006, Mark Taggart

May 2006, Catherine Rigsby

December 2005, Catherine Rigsby

September 2005, Catherine Rigsby

July 2005, Catherine Rigsby

May 2005, Catherine Rigsby

April 2005, Catherine Rigsby

December 2004, Catherine Rigsby

September 2004, Catherine Rigsby

May 2004, Rick Niswander

March 2004, Rick Niswander

December 2003, Rick Niswander

July 2003, Rick Niswander