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East Carolina University - Student Scholarships, Fellowships, and Financial Aid Committee (SSFFAC)


Meeting Minutes: October 27, 2003


Members in attendance:             John Reish, Rose Mary Stelma, Debra Anderson, Chal Benson, Michele Sharp, Elizabeth Sharpe, P. Karen Sullivan


Agenda Item I                        Meeting called to order by Chair, P. Karen Sullivan, 1:00 pm


                                    Introduction of new members made


Agenda Item II           Minutes of September 22, 2003meeting approved


Agenda Item III         Resolution for funding for Students in Poverty


The resolution to faculty senate RE funding for students in poverty was reviewed and discussed.  The committee agreed to accept the resolution as written by Rick Niswander with one typo correction (..to reach “our” was corrected to read ..to reach “out”..) and to make the requested amount $5 million instead of a range of $3-5 million.


John Reisch, as a member the faculty senate will introduce the resolution and then Jim McKernan can answer questions related to the topic and resolution.                               


Revised version will be submitted to committee for final review—esp. for Jim to get a chance to review


Agenda Item IV          Attraction of merit scholars


The role of the SSFFAC committee in attracting merit scholars was discussed.  Background was given on the way the merit scholarships were given in the past, and that some changes were instituted to form ECU Scholars.  The committee agreed that Dr. Tom Powell, Director of Admissions, should be invited to the next committee meeting to describe the process and steps that are now taken to attract merit scholars.  Additionally, the SSFFAC should notify Dr. Powell of it’s willingness to take part in the interview weekend that is held to help select merit scholars.