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Faculty Senate: Teaching Grants Committee


Minutes: October 5, 2000


Members Present: M. Mahar, R. Postel, P. Martinez, R.

Niswander, H. Allen, J. Whitehead (who replaces S. Frisch),

E. Schumacher.


Members absent: J. Shinpaugh, H. Jubran, H. Ries, R.

Joyner, L. Bass.


Ex-Off. Member with vote absent: M. O'hara


Ex-Off. Member without vote absent: D. Clayton, A. Vance.


The meeting was called to order at 4:05 pm by the Chair,

Rick Niswander.


The Chair distributed the proposals and evaluation forms. It

was noted that proposals 1-20 were for Summer Stipends,

and proposals 21-30 were for Dual Summer Stipend and

Project Expense Grants.


R. Niswander informed the committee that the timing of

funding for the Dual Grants was not a consideration

anymore, since Vice Chancellor Ringeisen had agreed to

release the money for expenses before July 1st if necessary.

If a Dual Grant proposal has some part of the budget that is

considered inappropriate, the evaluator should rate the

proposal disregarding that part of the budget. The evaluator

should indicate this action in the scoring sheet. Committee

members will receive their evaluator number via e-mail.


An overview of the process for evaluating and reviewing the

grants was then given. Committee members evaluate each

proposal according to four categories, using a matrix of 0-5,

with 5 being the best. Committee members then meet and

discuss each proposal to allow for different points of view to

be heard. Committee members then have the opportunity to

revise and resubmit their scores.


Relevant deadlines and meeting times were established. It

was decided that evaluations should be submitted to the

Faculty Senate office by noon on Thursday, October 26th.

The committee agreed to meet to discuss the proposals on

Friday, October 27th at 4:00 pm.


The meeting adjourned at 4:30 pm.


Respectfully submitted


Purificacion Martinez, Acting Secretary