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Faculty Senate Teaching Grants Committee


Minutes:  October 27, 2000


Members Present:  Rick Niswander, Hanna Jubran, Harrell

Allen, Heather Ries, Matthew Mahar, Rose Postel, Lessie

Bass and Ed Schumacher.


Members Absent:  Jeff Shinpaugh, Purificacion Martinez,

John Whitehead, and Randy Joyner.


Ex-Off. Member with vote present:  Maggie O'Hara, Rep. Of 

Fac. Chair/Business


Ex-Off. Member without vote present:  Dorothy Clayton,

Rep. of VCAA/Fac. Dev.


Ex-Off. Member without vote absent: Anna Vance, Rep. of

VC for Health Sci./Nursing


The meeting was called to order at 4:05 by the Chair, Rick

Niswander.  He distributed statistics computed from the

scoring of the proposals by committee members that

included  the mean, standard deviation, minimum, maximum,

and median scores for the proposals as a basis for

discussion.  He briefly described the method used by the

committee in discussing the proposals wherein they would

be considered one by one at which time anyone on the

committee could make comments pertaining to a given



He noted that one person had submitted two different

proposals.  The committee briefly considered whether or not

this should be allowed in the future.  It was agreed that the

committee would revisit the issue at a future date.


The committee discussed the first eight proposals, #2001-

TS-1 through #2001-TS-8, which were all for teaching

stipends only.


The minutes were then approved and additional meeting

dates and times were established.  It was decided that the

next two meetings would be on Thursday, November 9th at

3:30 and Thursday,  November 16th at 3:30.


The meeting adjourned at 5:15.


Respectfully submitted,


Heather Ries