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Faculty Senate Teaching Grants Committee


Minutes:  November 9, 2000


Members Present:  Rick Niswander, Hanna

Jubran, Harrell Allen, Matthew Mahar, Heather

Ries, Rose Postel, Lessie Bass, Ed Shumacher,

and Purificacion Martinez.


Members Absent:  Jeff Shinpaugh,  John

Whitehead, and Randy Joyner.


Ex-Off. Member with vote present:  

Maggie O'Hara, Rep. of  Fac.Chair/Business


Ex-Off. Members without vote present:

Dot Clayton, Rep. of VCAA/Fac. Dev.

Anna Vance, Rep. of VC for Health



The meeting was called to order at 3:35 by

the Chair, Rick Niswander.  The minutes

for the meeting of October 27, 2000 were



The committee discussed the next twelve

proposals, #2001-TS-9 through #2001-TS-20,

which were all for teaching stipends only.


The Chair noted that as only ten remained,

the committee would probably finish

considering the proposals at the next

meeting.  Since these were all dual proposals

for summer stipends and project expenses, he

reminded the committee that it would be

possible to fund the summer stipend portion

without funding the project expenses if they

were deemed inappropriate.  He then suggested

that people give the expenses a separate

ranking to make it easier to determine

whether or not they were necessary to the



The meeting adjourned at 5:00.


Respectfully submitted,



Heather Ries