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Faculty Senate Teaching Grants Committee


Minutes: November 30, 2000

Members Present: Rick Niswander, Hanna Jubran, Harrell Allen, Matthew Mahar, Heather Ries, Rose Postel, Lessie Bass, Purificacion Martinez, Jeff Shinpaugh, and John Whitehead.


Members Absent: Ed Shumacher and Randy Joyner.

Ex-Off. Member with vote absent: Maggie O'Hara        Rep. of FacultyChair/Business

Ex-Off. Members without vote present: Dot Clayton     Rep. of VCAA/Faculty Development

Ex-Off. Members without vote present: Anna Vance     Rep. of VC for Health Sciences/AHN


The meeting was called to order at 4:00 by the Chair, Rick Niswander. He distributed the committee’s final rankings of the proposals, sorted by the mean. The committee voted to approve the minutes from November 9th and November 16th.

Rick Niswander mentioned that he had been contacted by the Faculty Senate Committee on Committees with regard to their reorganization of Faculty Senate committees. He said that the only proposed change to the Teaching Grants Committee was to increase the faculty membership to fourteen with seven to come from Arts and Sciences and seven from the professional schools. The current membership is twelve faculty members with six from Arts and Sciences and six from the professional schools. He had suggested to the Committee on Committees that the increase was not a good idea as it was already difficult to establish meeting times with twelve members.

Based on the final data, the committee discussed which proposals should be recommended for funding to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. It was decided that the committee would first consider the proposals without the expenses attached in the case of dual summer stipend/project expense grants. Matthew Mahar made a motion to recommend the top eight proposals. After some discussion which included the merits of the next two on the list, this motion was amended to recommend the top ten proposals. The motion was seconded by Harrell Allen. The motion passed. Matthew Mahar next made a motion to recommend that the dual summer stipend/project expense grants in the top ten be funded with expenses. It was seconded by Purificacion Martinez. The motion passed.

Rick Niswander reminded committee members that those desiring to turn in forms containing specific comments about individual proposals should do so by the middle of January.

Matthew Mahar expressed the committee’s appreciation to Rick Niswander for his excellent job chairing the committee.

Rick Niswander observed that the committee would most likely not meet for the rest of the academic year. It was mentioned that the application forms would need some editorial changes to accommodate for the fact that project expenses could now be incurred at the same time as the summer stipend was received (first summer session). The committee agreed that these changes could be made without meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 4:30.

Respectfully submitted,


Heather Ries