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Minutes from Teaching Grants Committee – March 31, 2003


Present: Capehart, A.; Brown, S.; Stone, H.; Ewen, C.; Bauer, M.; and Gavin, T.


  1. Tim Gavin, Chair of the committee, called the meeting to order at 3:00 PM.
  2. Dr. Gavin submitted a preliminary review of the Annual Report to the committee. The members were asked to submit comments or corrections to Dr. Gavin by Friday April 4, 2003.
  3. Discussion was held on the policy of the committee on funding grants from Health Science Faculty. The representative’s of the Vice Chancellors of Academic Affairs (Charles Ewen) and Helath Sciences (Sylvia Brown) were asked to contact their respective VC’s to inquire on future funding decisions by the VC’s.
  4. It was proposed that if possible a single application form should be used in the future which covered applications for Salary Support only, Budget only, and dual Salary and Budget to replace the three forms currently in use. Dr. Gavin was assigned to review the forms, determine if a single form was possible, create a single form, and submit it to the committee via e-mail for review.
  5. Discussion was conducted on the following topics: no resolution was reached on these topics.
    1. Assessment of Need
    2. Innovative
    3. Alignment of Project with ECU Mission
    4. Agree to Disseminate Results - Publications/Presentations and cite ECU Teaching
    5. Grants for funding
    6. Funding of Grants from HS Division
    7. Spelling and grammar
  6. The meeting was adjourned at 3:45 PM.