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Faculty Senate Teaching Grants Committee


Minutes:  August 31, 2000


Members Present: Jeff Shinpaugh, Purificacion Martinez, Rick

Niswander, Hanna Jubran, Harrell Allen, Heather Ries, Randy

Joyner, and Ed Schumacher.


Members Absent:   Matthew Mahar, Rose Postel, Scott Frisch, and

Lessi Bass.


Ex-Off. Members Absent:Maggie O'Hara, Rep. of Faculty Chair/

Business, Dorothy Clayton, Rep. of VCAA/, Faculty Development

Center, Anna Vance, Rep. of VC for Health Sciences/Nursing


Others Present:  Richard Ringeisen, VC for Academic

Affairs, Bob Morrison, Chair of the Faculty, and Lori Lee,

Faculty Senate


The meeting was called to order at 3:00 PM by Bob Morrison, Chair

of the Faculty .  Vice Chancellor Ringeisen addressed the

committee and thanked members for their support of shared

governance.  He then made comments in response to a memo from the

1999-2000 committee Chair, Rick Niswander.  The memo described

difficulties with the timing of the funding of  Dual Grants for

salary support and non-salary expenses related to the projects. 

In prior years, the work paid by salary funding must be completed

during Summer Session I and is thus supported by funds from the

"old" fiscal year (prior to June 30) while the expense money is

not available until the "new" fiscal year (beginning July 1). 

Problems arose in evaluating proposals in which the applicant

needed the expense money for supplies or materials that would be

used in the work supported by the salary stipend. As a

consequence, the committee was unable to consider for funding

several worthy proposals because the expense money was deemed

essential to performing the salaried work. Vice Chancellor

Ringeisen stated that it would be possible to release the money

for expenses in the Spring Semester so that the grant recipients

would have access to it prior to or in conjunction with beginning

their projects.  He also reaffirmed his previous commitment to

allot a fixed pool of money for the grants and agreed to consider

increasing the amount if there was evidence that excellent

proposals were not being funded.


Purificacion Martinez pointed out that a number of members of the

committee had received various awards or promotions since the

committee last met.  These included University-wide

teacher/scholar awards for Matt Mahar and Hanna Jubran; promotion

and tenure for Jeff Shinpaugh and Hanna Jubran; and a new

position as Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs in the School of

Business for Rick Niswander.


Officers were elected with Rick Niswander as Chair, Purificacion

Martinez as Vice-Chair, and Heather Ries as Secretary.


Since proposals are due Monday, October 2nd, it was decided that

the committee officers would hold two informational meetings for

potential grant applicants on Thursday, Sept.14th at 10:00 AM and

Friday, Sept. 15th at 2:00 PM.


For the purpose of selecting this semester's meeting times, Rick

asked that committee members e-mail him with times when they are

not available to meet.


He also mentioned old business that the committee may want to

consider in the spring after the main work of recommending the

grant recipients is completed.  Items included  making it

possible for faculty members to apply for teaching grants online

and establishing a set meeting time for the committee.


The meeting adjourned at 3:30.


Respectfully submitted,


Heather Ries