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Teaching Grants Committee

September 8, 2003


Present: Sherralyn Cox, Tim Gavin, Margaret Bauer, Sharon Ballard, John Bort, Robin Webb-Corbett, Carmen Russoniello, Blaise Williams, Jean-Luc Scemama, Gail Ratcliff, Charles Ewen, John Kros


Meeting began at 4:00 p.m.


John Bort was elected chair of the committee and presided over the remainder of the elections. Blaise Williams was elected as vice chair and Sharon Ballard was elected as secretary.


All committee members were asked to send John an email stating what times they cannot meet so that a regular meeting time for the committee can be established. The first meeting should be around Oct. 15 and the second meeting about three weeks later.

The deadline for proposals is October 1. Lori Lee will distribute the proposals to committee members or committee members can pick them up from the faculty senate office.


Committee members were given a copy of the application and the criteria for evaluating proposals. The committee had a brief discussion of evaluation procedures. Although the criteria are somewhat subjective, committee members should try to be consistent in their rating of their proposals. The basic question that must be answered is “does it improve instruction?” After proposals are discussed among the committee, members will have the opportunity to re-score the proposals. Last year there were 21 proposals submitted which was considered a light year. The committee will strive to discuss 10 proposals per meeting. Consequently, the number of meetings will depend on the number of proposals submitted. However, the bulk of the committee’s work will be conducted during the fall semester with perhaps one meeting during the spring semester.  


The grant applications are available on the ECU Website. It doesn’t appear that the application appeared on Announce. John will ask Lori Lee to put the call on announce and will also send it to department chairs and ask them to share with their faculty.


The committee has not been given an dollar amount that will awarded this year. It was explained to new members that the committee simply passes on their recommendations and the decisions are made by the Vice Chancellors of the respective campuses. There is no cap on what an individual can ask for in their grant proposal but the committee will determine if the amount is reasonable. The majority of the applicants ask for summer stipend which is a salary percentage.


There was discussion regarding committee members rating proposals from their own department. John stated that it will be left up to the individual committee members to assess their own comfort level with a particular proposal. If  a member feels that he or she is too close to a proposal, they may excuse themselves from rating that proposal and/or from discussions about that proposal. Committee members may submit a grant proposal but will not participate in the rating and discussion of the proposal.


There was a brief discussion of the appropriateness of IRB paperwork and training for the teaching proposals. It was determined that it is an individual applicant’s responsibility to complete the training and appropriate IRB paperwork if they are going to publish or present their research findings connected with the grant proposal.


The issue of an online teaching grant application process was carried over from last year. It was determined that this was not feasible because of copy costs and the application itself is downloadable from the ECU Website. There was a motion to discard the idea of an online teaching grant application process. The motion was seconded and following a vote, the motion passed. 


The meeting was adjourned at approximately 4: 35 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,


Dr. Sharon M. Ballard

Secretary, Teaching Grants Committee