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2003-2004 Academic Year


COMMITTEE:  University Budget



1.       Membership (include ex-officio members). H. Ferrell, R. Scott, P. Clark, A Rodriquez, J. Kovacs. L. Mayne, Edward Jacobs. Ex officio: C. Christian, A Harrell, J. Gaddis, R. Niswander, B. Thompson, Ian Baer, Gary Vanderpool, Chuck Hawkins, Ian Baer.


2.      Meeting Dates (include members present).


25/9/03: L. Mayne, H. Ferrell. E, Jacobs, R. Scott, C. Hawkins, C. Christian, A. Harrell. C. Hawkins, G. Vanderpool, R. Niswander, J. Gaddis, Also J. Phillips for P. Clark. Other: L. Lee.


16/10/03: H. Ferrell. E. Jacobs, J. Kovacs, L. Mayne, R. Scott, A. Harrell, C. Hawkins, G. Vanderpool, R Niswander, R. Rogers, J. Gaddis. Other: L. Lee.


20/11/03: H. Ferrell, E. Jacobs, R. Scott, P. Clark, A. Rodriquez, J. Kovacs, A. Harrell, C. Hawkins, C. Christian, J. Gaddis. Other: L. Lee.


18/12/03: H. Ferrell, R. Scott, A. Harrell, C. Hawkins, R. Niswander, B. Thompson. Other: L. Lee.


15/1/04: H. Ferrell, R. Scott, P. Clark, A. Rodriquez, J. Kovacs, L. Mayne, C. Christian, A. Harrell, J. Gaddis, C. Hawkins, R. Niswander, J. Westmoreland. Other: L. Lee.


19/2/04: H. Ferrell, R. Scott, A. Rodriquez, J. Kovacs, C. Christian, J. Gaddis, C. Hawkins, G. Vanderpool. Other: L. Lee.


16/4/04: P. Clark, H. Ferrell, J. Kovacs, A Rodriquez, R. Scott, J. Gaddis, A. Harrell, R. Niswander, B. Thompson, G. Vanderpool. Other: L. Lee.


3.      Subcommittees established during the year (include progress and/or completion of work). 18/12/03: Subcommittee to report to the next regular meeting on the events of 18/12/03.



4.     Accomplishments during the year, especially as addressed through committee goals.  Please include recommendations made to any University agency other than the Faculty Senate that will be noted under #5.   The committee exhibited an openness and seriousness that aided in the discussion of finance and budgetary issues.


5.       Reports to the Faculty Senate (include dates and resolution numbers). At some Senate meetings a report was given, usually by C. Hawkins. Committee members reviewed the previous set of budgetary priorities and endorsed them again.


6.       Business carried over to next year (list in priority order). Fulfill the committee charge.


7.       Evaluation of the committee (include anything that hindered or assisted the Committee’s work during the year).

          A.      Charge: Excellent.

          B.      Personnel: Unusually capable.

          C.      Attendance: Could be better.

          D.      Responsibilities: Well served.

          E.      Activities: see above.


8.       Suggestion(s) to the Chair of the Faculty and/or Faculty Senate for improving the effectiveness of the committee. The time is good. A different day might aid in the attendance. Tuesday and Thursday are heavy teaching days.


9.       Does the Committee’s organizational meeting next year need to be earlier than the date set this year?  Yes


          If yes, when do you prefer?   Earliest in September would be good.


Chairperson:   Henry Ferrell


Secretary:  Ralph Scott