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University Budget Committee

6 October 2005


Special Called Meeting


Regular Members in Attendance: Cal Christian, Nancy House, Michael Poock, Art Rodriquez, Ralph Scott


Ex-officio Members in Attendance:  Joe Gaddis, Andrea Harrell, Henry Ferrell, Kevin Seitz, Gary Vanderpool.


Special Guests: Provost James Smith


Others in Attendance:  Lori Lee


Person Presiding: Cal Christian


Cal Christian called the meeting to order at 4:05 P.M in Rawl Annex 142.  He indicated that since the new elected secretary for the committee was not in attendance during the September 15th meeting, minutes for this meeting are not currently available but, with Lori Lee’s assistance, will be reconstructed in the near future.


Agenda Item 1:  Discussion of report to Faculty Senate regarding activities aimed at addressing Institutional Priorities.  


Overall Institutional Priorities - Cal Christian yielded the floor to Kevin Seitz who reported that there are a number of perspectives as to how the university is addressing the institutional priorities.  In fact, all priorities remain “active” priorities for the university.  Provost Smith added that the Institutional Priorities have been in the forefront in a number of meetings and that, in fact, they have been summarized on a postcard as:


--open all budget processes to cabinet/ executive council discussion &chancellor’s prioritizations

--increase financial growth internally (“culture of giving”) and with State, OP, and patrons

--develop diversity and compensation plans that value the efforts of all in the ECU community

--work internally and externally to consolidate the financial stability of the BSOM

--accelerate research excellence and targeted areas of national academic strength

--continue economic development through partnerships with the city and with curriculum/outreach

--allocate significant resources to targeted academic programs that best fulfill regional missions

--provide ECU undergraduates a nationally competitive “leadership experience.”



Priority: Increase financial growth internally and externally by creating a culture of giving and by working with state, OP, and patrons. - Kevin Seitz indicated that there are a number of activities underway to address this priority.  Jim Smith added that, while everyone is aware of the challenges that existed at the University Advancement, significant improvements are underway.  For example, the hiring of a new VC for University Advancement is on target and hoped to be in place by early next year.  Pursuing and accomplishing the major Centennial Capital Campaign is a driving force for having a new VC in place at the earliest possible time.


Priority: Develop diversity and compensation plans that value the efforts of all persons in the ECU community. – Provost Smith indicated that he has had discussions with Dr. Mageean to develop a hiring strategy for identifying, hiring, and retaining faculty to address this issue.  He went on to explain the UNC system employment of a “diversity index” that is used to monitor a campus’ diversity dimension.  Henry Ferrell indicated that certain disciplines have a higher degree of minorities than others and that the university should identify these disciplines and focus resources in hiring in those areas.


Priority:  Work internally and externally to consolidate financial stability of the Brody School of Medicine (BSOM). – Gary Vanderpool reported that ECU’s request to repeal the legislation requiring the reversion of Medicare Resident Ed. Funds and the requirement of payment of rent for use of outpatient facilities was granted by the legislature.  This will result in approximate $4.1 M of positive monies for ECU.  Gary also reported on the legislative initiative to secure funding for a new Family Practice facility that is desperately needed.  Garyindicated that the BSOM received legislative approval to use $17M from recovered Medicare funds and  $837,000 annual debt servicing for the remaining balance.  Gary added that un-recovered revenues (total charges ≈ $100M) and financial coverage of indigent care continues to be a resource drain for BSOM.  In contrast, the UNC-Medical School receives legislative funding of approximately $45M to defer part of their cost associated with indigent care; BSOM does not receive this type of assistance.


Priority:  Accelerate our commitment to research excellence and specific areas of national academic strength.  – Kevin Seitz briefly reported that the university continues to make significant progress toward strengthening the research infrastructure.  Toward this end, new hires (e.g. Provost Smith and Vice Chancellor Deirdre Mageean, Research and Graduate Studies) aimed at promoting this objective have been made.  He added that institutional funding is being committed toward infrastructure development and that there is optimism that greater dollar amounts will be provided in the future.


Priority:  Continue economic development through partnerships with the city and with service leadership and academic outreach. – Cal Christian requested information on what ECU is doing in this front.  Henry Ferrell indicated that, because of ECU’s limited resources, it is difficult for this university to make a significant monetary contribution to the region’s economic development.  Provost Smith however pointed out that it is difficult to pinpoint the direct “economic” value to the area since everything that ECU does has an economic impact on the region.  Kevin Seitz added that there is a possibility that Chancellor Ballard will hire a Vice Chancellor for Economic Development who would concentrate on developing partnerships with the city and other activities to advance this initiative.  Nancy House indicated that one thing that struck her as odd was the lack of any reference to Cultural Development and its impact on the economic development of the area.  Several other regions (e.g. Charlotte) and universities have built Cultural Centers and/or Museums which they have used to as center pieces to promote economic development.  Kevin Seitz indicated that this is a valid point and that in fact this topic is listed as an initiative for 2005-2006.


Priority:  Provide ECU undergraduates a nationally competitive “leadership experience.” Kevin Seitz indicated that he and Vice Chancellor Garrie Moore are working with Academic Affairs to bring more leadership initiatives for next year (AY 2005-06) than the current year.  Provost Smith added that BB&T’s $1.0M gift has allowed the initiation of leadership programs at the dean’s level. 


Agenda Item 2:  Discussion on the shared academic building for the Colleges of Business and Education.


Kevin Seitz reported that there is a need for building an Academic Building that would be shared by the Colleges of Business and Education.  He reported that planning has begun so that when capital funding from the State Legislature becomes available, we are ready to start building.  Questions arose as to where the building would be located but nothing specific was determined.


Cal Christian recommended that this meeting replace the committee’s regular October meeting and that the next meeting be in November.  The committee will discuss budget and resource allocations at their November meeting.


The committee was dismissed at 5:15 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Art A. Rodriguez

Secretary, University Budget Committee