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Committee:             University Budget Committee


Meeting Date:          4:00 PM, October 16, 2003




Committee Members:        H. Ferrell, E Jacobs, J. Kovacs, L. Mayne, R. Scott.


Ex-Officio Members:          A. Harrell, C. Hawkins, C. Christian, G. Vanderpool, R. Niswander, R. Rogers, J. Gaddis.


Others: L. Lee, J. Phipps.


Chairman Ferrell called the meeting to order and the first order of business was to unanimously approve the minutes of the last meeting (September 25, 2003). 


Chairman Ferrell than thanked Chuck Hawkins (Finance and Administration) for providing a summary report on the budget to the full Faculty Senate during its October 8th meeting.  He indicated that this process appeared to reduce the amount of discussion concerning the budget by the Senate since they received the budget summary in advance of the meeting.  After some additional discussion, the committee requested that subsequent reports be made available, and that they would be most informative to the Senate if issued every other month, rather than on a monthly basis.


Next on the agenda, Chairman Ferrell initiated a discussion on the appropriation process for FTEs based on enrollment, which reportedly was increased by 60 percent. Chuck Hawkins reported that approximately 23 positions were lost to cover the State budget cuts, and 37 positions went to the Provost with funding.  A question of the status of appointments made out of the remaining FTEs led to further discussion of the number that were used to address budget cuts this year.  Chuck Hawkins provided a breakdown in which he suggested that approximately 12 positions were used for the 3% budget cut and were considered permanent; an additional 0 positions were tied to the 0.77% budget cut. 


In response to some concern about appointments made during the past year, it was stated that Jim Smith would be reviewing all appointments made with these funds and, in addition, the reallocation of the remaining positions.  The process is scheduled to become discretionary in the hands of the individual Deans of the respective Colleges.  Once the number of positions is fixed in place under Jim Smith, information concerning the allocation of FTEs will be made available to the Committee with committee feedback forwarded to the respective Deans.


Chuck Hawkins also indicated that 3 positions have gone to Health Sciences, prompting a question as to whether an increase in enrollment occurs within the Division of Health Sciences.  In response, Linda Mayne indicated that enrollment increases do, in deed, occur in the Division of Health Sciences; for example, in the School of Nursing enrollment increases were expected.


Cal Christian initiated a discussion concerning an increase in outside enrollment.  Out of State tuition has to be approved for ECU, although they have agreed to this in the passed.


Henry Ferrell questioned the content of the letter from President Broad regarding tutorials for high and middle level administrators and the Board of Trustees.  A discussion of the flexibility to establish salaries for appointees by the Board of Trustees followed suggesting that only 4-5 institutions of the UNC system have been granted this flexibility.


Chuck Hawkins discussed the use of Banner Funds and tuition increases this year.  The Board of Governors is looking into increases this year and proposals for increases in tuition are being accepted for next year.  Both Banner Funds and tuition increases have to be justified to the Board of Governors and the Legislature.


It was stated that the Chancellor appreciated the suggestions for budgetary cuts established over the last two years by the Committee as they represented the views of the Faculty.  The representatives from Financial reviewed anticipated cuts, including a 2% cut already “on the books” to compensate for damage from Isabel.  It is not clear whether this cut will become a reality since the Governor has stated that funds are available from the State to cover this issue. 


Ralph Scott initiated a discussion over current searches in the institution.  It was suggested that ongoing searches will continue but that they will be screened as they progress.  In all likelihood, ongoing searches will be taken to completion.


Henry Ferrell directed the committee members to review the previous set of recommendations for budgetary cuts and to indicate approval (disapproval) to Lori Lee. 


The meeting was adjourned at 4:49 PM.


Next Meeting:  Thursday, November 20, 2003, at 4:00 p.m. in 142 Rawl Annex.