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Committee: University Budget Committee

Date: 4:05 PM 21 October 2004


Regular Members in Attendance: Cal Christian, Henry Ferrell, Nancy House, Carol Lust, Kathy Misulis, Art Rodriguez, Ralph Scott.

Ex-officio Members in Attendance: Maggie Capen, Joe Gaddis Anne W. Jenkins for Chuck Hawkins, Bob Thompson, Gary Vanderpool.

Others in Attendance: Lori Lee


Persons presiding: Prof. Henry Ferrell


Chair Ferrell called the meeting to order at 4:05 PM.


He called the attention of members to two documents at their places: 1) a memorandum from Chancellor Ballard (8/26/04) relative to the concerns of Professor Holbert and 2) a memorandum from Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Gretchen M. Bataille (6/2/04) addressing issues raised by Profs. Holbert and Vos in a letter of 5/4/04 to President Broad.


Agenda Item #1 (Subcommittee Report) Prof. Ferrell began the meeting by giving a brief overview of the Subcommittee Report from the September meeting of the UBC. Prof. Ferrell asked if there were any questions on the material in the report. There were none. Prof. Thompson noted that the Chancellor had the final authority on raises for Deans. He provided a run down on the percentages of 1310 monies allocated to various Deans. These ranged from 100% for Dean Sparrow, to small percentages for some deans.


Agenda Item #2 (Report from Chuck Hawkins) Prof. Ferrell asked Anne W. Jenkins if Chuck Hawkins had any information to report to the committee. Jenkins replied that he had not given her any material to present. Prof. Ferrell noted that a “Non-State Funds report” had been given to the Faculty Senate by Chuck Hawkins. He asked if this report could be distributed to committee members. Prof. Christian gave a report on items contained in the presentation by Hawkins.


Agenda Item #3 (Report by Gary Vanderpool) Gary Vanderpool gave a report on the status of extra funding requested by the Division of Health Sciences. These requests fall into two categories:

  1. A request to the Office of the President for similar funding for Doctoral candidates as that given to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University. ($1.7 million)
  2. Changes to North Carolina state legislation that would help:
    1. repeal how funds paid by PCMH to the Brody School of Medicine for resident program operating expenses, must be paid to the State General Fund.
    2. Repeal the legislation requiring Brody SOM pay rent on PCMH state funded facilities
    3. Combined annual value of these legislative actions is approximately $4.1 million


Prof. Ferrell asked if it would be possible to bond the new Brody SOM building. Vanderpool responded that would not be likely because of declining reserves.


Agenda Item #4 (Flu shot shortage) Prof. Ferrell remarked about the current Flue shot shortage. Prof. Scott asked what was being done about the shortage. Vanderpool responded that if vaccine became available, it would be used for high priority medical workers.


Agenda Item #5 (Space utilization)  Prof. Ferrell asked about the status of Slay dorm being used for faculty offices. Thompson responded “yes.” Ferrell next asked about planned replacements for space needs. Thompson responded that several sets of options were under consideration: 1) Rent Space and 2)Take Dorm Space. Thompson noted that there was a 150 office shortfall anticipated in faculty offices and that there was no rental space available in Greenville at the present. One idea had been to look at the space formally owned by Quixote Travel (now building #132) for faculty offices. Ferrell asked if it would be possible of finance space out of the operating budget? Thompson responded “yes.” Ferrell noted that facilities such as Minges had been financed historically by 40 year bonds. Ferrell asked given the fact that these bonds had been paid off now, what was happening to the student revenues collected to fund these bonds? Thompson responded that the fee use for these bonds had ended, but that there had been no reduction in student fees. Thompson agreed to make a presentation on this issue at the next meeting.


Agenda Item #6 (Report Requests) Prof. Ferrell reported that the Chair of the Faculty Rigsby had requested that the University Budget Committee invite reports from:

  1. Brinn – on ITCS funding issues
  2. Moore – on Student Life funding issues


Agenda for next meeting:


  1. Report from Bob Thompson on Space Funding
  2. Report from Jack Brinn on ITCS Funding Issues
  3. Report from Gary Moore on Student Life Funding Issues




Having no further business, Chair Ferrell thanked members for their attendance and declared the meeting ended at 4:35PM.


Respectfully submitted


Secretary, University Budget Committee