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University Budget Committee

17 November 2005


Regular Members in Attendance: Cal Christian, Michael Poock, Art Rodriquez, Ralph Scott, and Carol Lust


Ex-officio Members in Attendance:  Andrea Harrell, Henry Ferrell, Gary Vanderpool.


Others in Attendance:  Lori Lee and Jim Westmoreland


Persons with Scheduling Conflicts:    Joe Gaddis and Elmer Poe


Members Absent:  Nancy House


Person Presiding: Ralph Scott


Ralph Scott called the meeting to order at 4:03 P.M in Rawl Annex 142.  Ralph Scott asked everyone to briefly introduce themselves.


Agenda Item 1: Approval of Minutes

Ralph Scott asked for any corrections to last meeting’s minutes.  Minutes were approved as presented.


Agenda Item 2:  ECU Centennial Celebration Report

Austin Bunch, chair of the ECU Centennial Celebration, presented a detailed description of the activities planned for ECU’s centennial celebration.  He began by asking the committee to partake in a jeopardy game based on ECU’s historical milestones.  Austin Bunch indicated that planning for this celebration began under former Chancellor Muse.  A consultant, Dr. Gloria Kellum (Vice Chancellor for University Relations at Ole Miss), was hired to assist with the overall planning.  A listing of the Centennial Task Force, encompassing honorary chairs, coordinating co-chairs, honorary members, board of trustees representatives, alumni representatives, and campus representatives, was distributed to the committee.  A steering committee was also established to assist with planning.  Austin Bunch indicated that a centennial mark has been developed which will be used ubiquitously in hopes that this mark will be associated with ECU and its centennial celebration.  Consistent with the consultant’s recommendation, the celebration will span approximately 2.5 years from March 8, 2007 to October 5, 2009; the first half will commemorate the past while the second half will be devoted to ECU’s future.  A vision statement for the ECU Centennial has been developed and will be delivered at every official centennial event.  A number of events are planned to observe historical university dates.


Austin Bunch presented the Centennial Celebration estimated budget of approximately $482K.  The budget was broken down into operational, planning, and implementation categories.  The necessary funds will come from a combination of reallocation and private monies.


Henry Ferrell discussed two books which are being developed to coincide with the centennial celebration.


Agenda Item 3:  Follow-up on the presentation to the Faculty Senate concerning the University Priorities

Cal Christian reported that presentation of the University priorities to the Faculty Senate went very well.  There were no questions raised.  He believes the transparencies of the positions taken by the Executive Council and their forthrightness answered many of the possible questions.


Agenda Item 4:  New Business

Cal Christian indicated that tuition increases are currently being discussed.  The university is requesting the General Administration a tuition increase of about $354 (the upper limit).  Part of the tuition increase will be student fees and the rest, what ever it turns out to be, will be distributed as 30% student financial aid and, the remaining 70%, will be broken down as 60% for SPA salaries and to enhance the students’ university experience while the remaining 40% will be earmarked for faculty.  The final decision will be made by the Board of Trustees in early December.


Ralph Scott indicated that recent criminal activities near campus have raised security concerns.  He indicated that there is talk of providing persons with a gadget, possessing “On-Star” and GPS technology, which a person could activate and assist the police in locating the student very quickly.  Financing such a system was briefly discussed.  Perhaps increasing campus patrols can also part of the solution and/or have student groups assist with developing “patrol groups.”


Ralph Scott also wanted to know why, for reimbursement purposes, persons have to provide a boarding pass when they seek reimbursement after a trip.  This is can be problematic since many airline carriers do not provide such passes.


Cal Christian reminded the committee that the next meeting is December 15th.


The committee adjourned at 4:50 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Art A. Rodriguez

Secretary, University Budget Committee