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Committee:  University Budget Committee


Meeting Date:  November 20, 2003, 4:00 P.M.


Committee Members:  H. Ferrell, E.  Jacobs, R. Scott, P. Clark, A. Rodriquez, J. Kovacs

Ex-Officio Members:  A. Harrrell, C. Hawkins, C. Christian, J. Gaddis

Others:  L. Lee, B. Thompson


Item#1 :

Interim Vice-Chancellor, Bob Thompson, was introduced and welcomed by committee chair, Henry Ferrell.  Thompson provided information regarding a three year campus-based tuition increase of $300.00 per year.  Dr. Thompson stated that the proposal is still in the planning stages and will possibly affect faculty, non-teaching EPA and staff salary increases. He stated further that a portion of past tuition increases have been designated for financial aid. 

Committee Question:   Will there be a difference between graduate and undergraduate tuition increase?

Response:  No.  The tuition increase will remain the same for both graduate and undergraduate students. Medical school tuition will, however, go up to $1000.00.  Chapel Hill is also increasing, but even with the proposed increase, ECU still remain lower.

            Thompson stated that a meeting had been scheduled with SGA representatives on Monday, November 24th to discuss tuition increase.  Proposals will be presented at the Board of Trustees meeting on December 11th and 12th, 2003.  The overall increase would be a total of 5%.

Committee Question:  How will this increase be used?

Response:  Funds must be used for what is stated in the proposal.  The five designated categories are as follows:

1.      Academic Advising

2.      Need-based Financial Aid

3.      Salary

4.      Faculty non-teaching EPA and  SPA

5.      Academic Teaching Excellence

            The State will probably increase tuition in addition to the proposed increase.  The enrollment increase bill is under 16 million.  This is the largest enrollment request in the history of the system.

Committee Question:  How much of the increase will go to financial aid? 

Response:  Approximately 30% will go to financial aid.  In the past, 35% has been designated for financial aid.  Most of the loans are Federal loans and are paid back.

Committee Question:  Inquiry regarding the status of the formerly created Research Institute and subsequent funding.

Response:  Information is still being collected regarding this issue.




Committee Question:  Will funds be used from existing units to support this issue?


            Chuck Hawkins joined the Committee meeting to provide further information regarding this issue:

,         Does not see funding being taken from existing units or reallocation of funds

,         Institutional research proposals providing payback to the University

,         Overhead receipts and funds received from Federal government

,         Some proposals may be supported with new funds

,         Ultimately becomes the decision of the Chancellor

,         Support for proposals which reflect research distinction

,         Unsure of status of organization outside of the University associated with capital investors for greater funding

Committee Question:  How were the bonds used on campus?  How is the division made?

Response:  The new Science and Technology building took a large part of the funding.  There were several specific projects.  Check Hawkins will provide a breakdown of these specific projects and forward this information to the Committee members.  Thompson addressed the issue of re-designation of funding and stated that it was not possible to transfer funds from one designated area to another without special procedures and permissions.

Committee Question: How will the University fund recently approved doctoral programs?

Response:  A combination bulk enrollment increase in dollars and PhD candidates teach in undergraduate programs to recover some of the cost.  Research expectations, grants and re-direction of internal funds also support these programs.



Chuck Hawkins provided the State Funding Report including the following information:

,         Confirmation of a 3% permanent budget cut and one time .77 cut was given. 

,         A one-time official reversion of .18 of 2% allotment was redirected to Hurricane Isabel recovery and the rest of the state.  The other anticipated 2% is now fact.

,         Committee members were asked to refer to the following documents provided by Hawkins:

1.“East Carolina University - State Budget Summary - Fiscal Year 2003-2004“

2. Draft - “East Carolina University - Critical Funding Needs for Campus-based Tuition Increase - FY 2004-2007 “

Committee Question: Concerns expressed regarding library budget cuts, hiring freeze and the need for increased funding to support expanded research status and demands.

Response: Hawkins responded that there are several University-wide non-salary issues such as technology updates which will need to be addressed.  Gaddis will communicate with the Library Committee Chair to clarify several issues regarding budgetary concerns.



            Chuck Hawkins presented information regarding the 2004-2007 Campus Based Tuition Proposal. Committee members were asked to refer to the following document:

 Draft - “East Carolina University 2004-2007 Campus Based Tuition Proposal”

Note that item 4, “SPA Compensation,“ has been revised in a later draft.

            Bob Thompson asked members to review this document forward suggestions, corrections, or responses to him regarding this information.  The proposed document will be presented to the Board of Trustees on December 12, 2003 and to the President on December 19, 2003.  Chapel Hill and NC State will also propose a $300.00  over three years tuition increase.  Advising remains an issue with students and will be part of the proposal.  The proposal will also need to go before the Faculty Senate.  Chuck Hawkins will propose a resolution at the next meeting.



The meeting adjourned at 4:55 P.M.


Next Meeting: Thursday, December 18, 2003

                        142 Rawl Annex, 4:00 P.M.