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Committee:  University Budget Committee


Meeting Date:  4:00 P.M. - January 15, 2004


Committee Members:  H. Ferrell, R. Scott. P. Clark, A. Rodriquez, J. Kovacs, L. Mayne


Ex-Officio Members:  C.  Christian, A. Harrell, J. Gaddis, C. Hawkins, R. Niswander, J. Wesmoreland


Others:   L. Lee; B. Thompson


Professor Henry Ferrell presiding


Item #1:  Approval of November 20, 2003 Committee minutes

Minutes for the November 20, 2003 were approved.


Item#2:  Approval of the December 18th, 2003, discussion of subcommittees minutes

Minutes for the December 18th, 2003 subcommittee minutes were approved.


Item #3

Interim Vice Chancellor, Bob Thompson  provided information regarding the current State finances and ECU’s response.    Dr. Thompson stated that the news appeared to be the most positive in three years.  He referred to a recent article “State Budget Crisis Easing” by Amy Gardner which appeared in the News & Observer on Thursday, January 15, 2004.  He stated that the revenue projections in the paper were slightly higher than anticipated.  The State’s population growth is not as high as that of the rest of the nation.  He further stated that he had not been informed of a “holdback”, nor has he received information that the current “holdback” would be relaxed.


Item #4

A discussion was held regarding ECU’s proposed budget items for the 2005 fiscal year.

  • A question was posed regarding the controversy over the increase in campus tuition.  Chuck Hawkins and Bob Thompson provided information that tuition increases have separate processes,.  There is a Board Initiated Increase that takes into account inflationary factors, the state retains these funds as part of the pool they allocate for state appropriations.  The Campus Initiated Tuition Increase is based on individual universities most critical needs and these funds are retained by the University.  The proposal that Chapel Hill has made  regarding out-of-state students is separate from both of these processes and is unique to Chapel Hill.  The question was posed as to the reaction and response of out-of-state students to proposed tuition increases.  
  • Chuck Hawkins provided further information regarding equity of faculty and staff, stating, “Overall we are at approximately the 55th percentile of our peers for faculty salaries and less than the 50th percentile for non-teaching EPA staff.
  • The question was posed regarding a “tuition break” from out-of-state education majors who agreed to teach in North Carolina.  Bob Thompson stated that this plan was never implemented.
  • The question was posed regarding guidelines for the distribution of faculty raises.    Concern was expressed over the lack of guidelines and Bob Thompson suggested Dr. Smith be invited to the next University Budget Committee meting to address this issue.  Henry Ferrell will invite Dr. Smith to attend the February 19th meeting.
  • The question was posed regarding the energy budget for this year.  Chuck Hawkins responded with information regarding the State Energy Program and that ECU Facilities has worked hard on  energy conservation.  He further stated that the State Energy Office  has noted  ECU in their presentations on programs of excellence..
  • The question was posed regarding on-campus construction and increase in expenditure, tuition, and energy costs.  Chuck Hawkins provided information that operating expenses for new construction  are formula-based as part of the continuation budget.
  • The question was posed regarding the renovation of Flanagan.  Bob Thompson provided information regarding expansion efforts of the 20s, and 30s including  ‘29,’30, ‘31, and ‘32.
  • Henry Ferrell provided historical information regarding an original ECU tuition of $150.00 for two semesters, with all finances remaining on campus.


The meeting adjourned at 5:00


Next Meeting:  Thursday, February 19, 2004, 142 Rawl Annex, 4:00 P.M.