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Committee: University Budget Committee

Date: 4:01 PM 26 August 2004

Regular Members in Attendance: Henry Ferrell, Nancy House, Patricia Mitchell, Art Rodriguez, Ralph Scott.

Ex-officio Members in Attendance: Maggie Capen, Andre Harrell, Chuck Hawkins, Maggie {Margaret Helene} O’Neill (SGA), Catherine Rigsby, Jim Smith, Bob Thompson, Gary Vanderpool.

Others in Attendance: Lori Lee

Persons presiding: Prof. Catherine Rigsby and Henry Ferrell


Agenda Item #1: Elections

Professor Rigsby called the meeting to order at 4:01 PM. The first item on the agenda was the election of officers. The following were elected from the regular membership of the committee:

Chair: Henry Ferrell (nominated by Scott)

Vice Chair: Art Rodriguez (nominated by Ferrell)

Secretary: Ralph Scott (nominated by Ferrell and House)

Following the election of Prof. Ferrell, he assumed the duties of chair and conducted the remainder of the above elections.


Agenda Item #2: Meeting Time

Professor Ferrell next asked if there were any major objections to the regular scheduled meeting time of the committee. There being none, the time was fixed at 4PM on the third Thursday of each month.


Agenda Item #3: Budget Update

Professor Ferrell asked Chuck Hawkins to provide an update to the Faculty Senate on Budget issues at their next meeting. Hawkins was to provide this information by next Tuesday for inclusion on the agenda to go out next Wednesday. Professor Ferrell next asked Chuck Hawkins to give the committee an update on General Assembly actions over the summer. Hawkins responded that the General Assembly has passed the university appropriations bill in late July. He noted that the bill included enrollment increase monies for East Carolina. Provost Smith stated that the bill was reported out of committee by a slim margin of three votes. It was noted that we had some work to do with state legislators on this issue. Hawkins further noted that there were some budget reductions this time ($2 million), but this had been handled internally by the university administration. Some $14.3 million net was available to assist with the funding of 97 new faculty positions. Prof. Ferrell asked if these were going to be filled this fall. It was noted that this was not likely, but that the monies would be available for use in the future. Professor Ferrell next asked about for a brief report on formula budgeting. Hawkins replied that the Academic Support Budget was formula driven by credit hours multiplied by the average teaching salary, $63,747 which was confirmed by Dr. Thompson.  Ferrell asked how budget reductions were covered in prior years and Hawkins commented that these were covered from enrollment increase funds and lapse salaries for one-time reductions. The current year budget reduction of 1.47% was covered from Enrollment increase funds, including a reduction of 18 new faculty positions. Ferrell asked if the Board of Governors was on board with the allocated funding. Hawkins replied they were very complimentary of the General Assembly and the Governor’s Office due to the full funding of enrollment increase funds, financial aid and the Cardio Vascular Institute. Ferrell asked how the process worked and Hawkins noted that the funding bills originate in alternate years in the House and Senate. It was noted that Universities faired better in the Senate as opposed to the House. It was noted that the School of Medicine funding does not receive enrollment increase funding since their enrollment is fixed. Ferrell next noted the attendance of the SGA representative and asked about the student contribution to the university budget. Hawkins replied that campus based tuition increases of  $225 contributes to receipts of the University which when combined with certain other student fees retained in the State funds total about $76 million.  Ferrell next opined that Pepsi soft drinks on campus had gone up 25 cents per can. He asked about the use of the profits from this revenue stream. Hawkins noted that much of the profits go to fund textbook loan programs (for Faculty and Staff) and other “improvements on campus.” Ferrell asked next about the profits from food services. Hawkins noted that the university receives a percent of sales based on the contract with ARAMARK. Scott asked about the ECU Catering Service. Thompson replied that this was a service that was available to the university and surrounding community to use for meal functions on and off campus. Scott asked if the university paid the regular prices that would allow for a percent of sales to be returned to the university. It was stated that this was in fact true.


Agenda Item #4: Remarks by the Provost

Provost Smith remarked that he recalled meeting in this very room in Rawl in 1992 while being chair of the Educational Policies and Planning Committee. At that time many budget issues were not addressed in a timely manner with the faculty. He recalled meeting with Chancellor Eakin in the EPPC meetings where “all sorts of questions were asked and answered.” Provost Smith noted that as a result of questions he asked, he came to the notice of the Eakin administration and was quickly drafted for duties with administration.


Agenda Item#5: Report by Bob Thompson

Ferrell next asked Bob Thompson to report on “what he does.” Thompson reported that his duties were divided into three areas: Budget planning, enrollment planning and space issues (planning in some cases out 10-25 years); Institutional Research; Surveys such as SOIS, freshman survey, etc.


Agenda Item#6: Remarks by the Chair of the Faculty

Rigsby thanked everyone for their service on this valuable committee. She noted that she would be her own representative on the committee. She noted that she found the meeting of the committee very informative and that this was an important committee in terms of faculty input into the budget process. She also noted that had she known the amount of work involved she might not have accepted the position of Chair of the Faculty.


Agenda Item#7: Recap by Professor Ferrell

Ferrell noted that today we:

  1. elected officers
  2. fixed meeting dates and times
  3. had budget update
  4. fixed the agenda for the next meeting.

Ferrell asked if there were any objections to the placing on the next agenda the interrogatories submitted to the chair by two faculty members in the Division of Health Sciences (insert in committee member folders). These questions pertain to what these faculty members see as budget and salary issues in the Division. Thompson noted that it would alright if committee members could respond to the questions. Ferrell noted that, that was the idea. The two faculty members will be invited to make a presentation at the next meeting of the University Budget Committee.



Committee members are invited to meet with a candidate for Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance on Friday, September 10th, 2004 at 3PM in the Trustees’ Suite in Mendenhall. Ferrell noted that if member did not know the location of the Trustees’ Suite it was the well appointed room across from the room where the Faculty Senate meets.

There being no other items of business, Ferrell declared the meeting adjourned at 4:31 PM.


Next Meeting: 23 September 2004, 4PM.

Items to be discussed: Interrogatories by Profs. Holbert and Vos

                                      Budget update


Respectfully submitted,

Ralph Scott

Secretary, UBC.