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2000-2001 Academic Year

COMMITTEE: Unit Code Screening_______________________________


1. Membership (include ex-officio members).


John Stevens (Secretary) Ex Officio (w vote): William Grossnickle

Mohammed Tabrizi Henry Ferrell

Gene Hughes(Vice Chair) Ex Officio (w/o vote): Kitty Hill(replaced Irons)

Sherry Southard Tinsley Yarbrough

Ralph Scott (Chair) Linda Ingalls

Greg Lapicki

Kyle Summers


2. Meeting Dates (include members present*).

* and members who contributed to committee action, but were not at the meeting.

August 30, 2000 Present: Lapicki, Scott, Southard, Stevens, Hughes, Tabrizi, Grossnickle, Irons Yarbrough, Morrison

September 27, 2000 Present: Lapicki, Scott, Southard, Stevens, Summers, Tabrizi, Hassler, Ingalls, Yarbrough

November 15, 2000 Present: Lapicki, Scott, Stevens, Summers, Grossnickle, Ingalls, Irons, Yarbrough

February 14, 2001 Present: Hughes, Scott, Stevens, Grossnickle, Ingalls (no quorum)

April 4, 2001 Present: Lapicki, Scott, Stevens, Southard, Hughes, Summers, Grossnickle, Ingalls, Yarbrough, Irons (for Hill)


3. Subcommittees established during the year (include progress and/or completion of



4. Accomplishments during the year, especially as addressed through committee goals.

Please include recommendations made to any University agency other than the

Faculty Senate that will be noted under #5.

The committee made a number of suggestions to Governance relative to Unit Codes.

The committee noted a lack of currency in a number of unit codes, this was communicated to the Chair of the Faculty, who in turn wrote a joint memo with the Chancellor to unit administrators regarding codes.

The committee noted a lack of compliance with Appendix L requirements, regarding unit quinquinnial report statements on unit codes. The Chancellor addressed this issue in a memo to Deans and Chairs.


5. Reports to the Faculty Senate (include dates and resolution numbers).

10 October 2000 School of Music Code (00-27)

30 January 2001 School of Business Code (01-1)

30 January 2001 Revised Guidelines for Unit Codes of Operation (01-2)

24 April 2001 School of Education(01-__), School of Social Work and Corrections(01-__)


6. Business carried over to next year (list in priority order).

1. Department of Geography Unit Code of Operations

2. New procedures regarding code amendments (see discussion in 4/04/01 minutes)


7. Evaluation of the committee (include anything that hindered or assisted the

committee's work during the year).

A. Charge: Satisfactory

B. Personnel: Outstanding (especially secretary)

C. Attendance: Outstanding for the most part

D. Responsibilities: High importance for shared governance

E. Activities: Excellent


8. Suggestion(s) to the Chair of the Faculty and/or Faculty Senate for improving the

effectiveness of the committee.

Units need to be more prompt in revising and updating codes of operation. Committee has concerns regarding amendments to codes that are otherwise not in compliance when Unit Code Committee will only look at amendment. Does this conflict with committee charge to "insure compliance" of unit code?

9. Does the Committee’s organizational meeting next year need to be earlier than the date set this

year? _______ yes _______x___no